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V may 2013_patterson_waaf_perma_pres

  1. 1. The We Are All FarmersPermaculture Institute
  2. 2. What is permaculture?Permanent culturePermanent agricultureRegenerative, managed practices(economic, interpersonal, ethical, oftenwith a focus on food and energyproduction/management)Permaculture is systems design, with ethics (Earth Care, People Care, Obtain a Yieldand Return of Surplus) and principles rooted in the thoughtful and protractedobservation of nature.
  3. 3. What is an example of Regenerative?“The anthropologist/philosopher Gregory Bateson used to tell this story:Founded in 1379, New College, Oxford is one of the oldest Oxford colleges. It has, likeother colleges, a great dining hall with huge oak beams across the top, as large as twofeet square, and forty-five feet long each.A century ago, some busy entomologist went up into the roof of the dining hall with apenknife and poked at the beams and found that they were full of beetles. This wasreported to the College Council, which met the news with some dismay, beams this largewere now very hard, if not impossible to come by. "Where would they get beams of thatcaliber?" they worried.One of the Junior Fellows stuck his neck out and suggested that there might be someworthy oaks on the College lands. These colleges are endowed with pieces of landscattered across the country which are run by a college Forester. They called in theCollege Forester, who of course had not been near the college itself for some years, andasked him if there were any oaks for possible use.He pulled his forelock and said, “Well sirs, we was wonderin’ when you’d be askin’.”Upon further inquiry it was discovered that when the College was founded, a grove ofUpon further inquiry it was discovered that when the College was founded, a grove ofoaks had been planted to replace the beams in the dining hall when they became beetly,oaks had been planted to replace the beams in the dining hall when they became beetly,because oak beams always become beetly in the end. This plan had been passed downbecause oak beams always become beetly in the end. This plan had been passed downfrom one Forester to the next for over five hundred years saying “You don’t cut themfrom one Forester to the next for over five hundred years saying “You don’t cut themoaks. Them’s for the College Hall.”oaks. Them’s for the College Hall.”
  4. 4. “The answer to the question,have new oaks been planted,is probably. Somewhere onthe land owned by the NewCollege are oaks that are, orwill one day, be worthy of usein the great hall, assumingthat they are managed in thesame way they were before.It is in this management bythe Forester in which lies thepoint. Ultimately, while thestory is perhaps apocryphal,the idea of replacing andmanaging resources for thefuture, and the lesson in longterm thinking is not.”From: http://www.atlasobscura.com/places/oak-beams-new-college-oxford
  5. 5. Permaculture issystems designCopyright Karl Schmidt 2008
  6. 6. The Patterson SchoolHow do we create a system that produces a yield with high labor at the beginning,but less labor over time? How do we rehabilitate and set the Patterson School on the path tobeing a leader in regenerative farming/organic farming?http://permaculturenews.org/category/earthworks-earth-resources/swales-earthworks-earth-resources/page/4/http://treeyopermaculture.com/treeyo/introduction-to-permaculture-and-holistic-management-systems/
  7. 7. Sam DobsonIredell County Dairy & Beef Farmer, lastyear of transition to certified organic forOrganic Valley.Already direct-marketing grassfed beef& producing for Hickory Nut Gap Farm9th generation on this land.
  8. 8. http://grasspunk.com/2012/05/16/wormvana/
  9. 9. http://www.waldeneffect.org/blog/Trampling_grass_to_renovate_poor_pastures/
  10. 10. With set stocking wedestroy fertility.With Management-intensive Grazing(MiG) (high densityanimal numbers,short durationgrazing, and long restperiods betweengrazing), we cancreate fertility.
  11. 11. USDA Hardiness Zonehttp://planthardiness.ars.usda.gov/PHZMWeb/
  12. 12. Soil Health
  13. 13. Management intensiveGrazing
  14. 14. “Conventional” gardens
  15. 15. Morewww.irrigationdirect.comWww.plant-care.comUfseeds.com
  16. 16. Design UnifiesPermacultureusa.org
  17. 17. Community UnifiesTerrainforma.ca
  18. 18. Examples of IntegrationFrom the Left clockwise: treehugger.com; ordinary-2-extraordinary.com; upbeetlandscapes.com
  19. 19. The food forest gardening approach is the creation ofsystems which are productive and abundant yet which requirevery little maintenance.http://foodgrowsontrees.blogspot.com/
  20. 20. A Forest Gardenhttp://www.theinnovationdiaries.com/1422/food-forestry/
  21. 21. Filter the ideasthrough hands-ontraining inpermaculture designand these principlespermaculturepower.wordpress.com
  22. 22. Some Additional Permaculture Possibilities for the Patterson School-Birdwatching sanctuary-Forest Garden orchards-Agroforestry including selective tree harvesting through use of draft animals-Custom grazing operations--Heritage cattle, pigs, turkeys-Direct marketing of organic grass-fed meats--Grass-fed Meat Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)-Mushroom production-Organic vegetable production--CSA--Patterson School Farmers Market--Patterson School Organic Farm School-Organic Dairy--Value Added Dairy Products--Artisan and Regional Yogurt and Cheese-Heritage animal, plant, and seed production that is historically unique to thePatterson Schools past-Organic Farm Vacations and Getaways-Permaculture Education destination with We Are All Farmers PermacultureInstitute_Premiere Environmental and Food Conference Center-Grazing workshops-Organic Medicinal Herbs-Cut Flowers
  23. 23. Turn now to initial proposal– Stewards land and builds soil for possible additional enterprises– Jumpstarts beginnings of Patterson School as a land andagricultural attraction– Coalesces re-commitment, possible to raise seed money forenterprises– Coalesces education, possible to raise donations for education– Grows food and teaches communityManagement intensive Grazing (plan is for cattle—paid to custom graze):Learn more at– The Stockman Grass Farmer:https://www.stockmangrassfarmer.com/index.php– Greg JudyPastured Sheep, start a flockMushroom Cultivation
  24. 24. “The field lies open to the intellect.”--Bill MollisonStart with:–Sepp Holzer, Permaculture–Take a permaculture design course–David Holmgren–Mark Shepherd
  25. 25. Thank you!!!