Hotelier Package from RTL Service LTD


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New Hotelier System from RTL Sevice LTD will help an upscale resorts/hotels improve the bottom line while keeping guests coming back

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Hotelier Package from RTL Service LTD

  1. 1. Watch your resort’s profits take off with TalkLoc
  2. 2. What is TalkLoc? Connect Effortlessly With Your GuestsBe there 100% of the time!Imagine your resort guest is seated at the poolside or beach and craves a snack or a cooldrink. Envisioning the long walk back to the bar to place his order, he decides he canmanage without it and settles into his beach chair with a book. For the resort, it’s anopportunity missed.TalkLoc allows guests to act on their impulses, by instantly communicating directly withhotel staff using sophisticated miniature devices. This unique solution combines real-timelocation technology with voice communications in a single attractive device. Based onestablished, reliable, and cost-effective technology, the TalkLoc system makes it easy forguests at premium hotels and resorts to place orders and request services from anywhere –even by the pool or more remote parts or the property – and easy for hotel staff to locatethem as they respond.
  3. 3. Why use TalkLoc in your Resort? Higher Revenue Convenience Increase Guest Fun to Use Orders In addition to providing guests with unlimited access to food, beverages, and hotel services, TalkLoc encourages guests to order more food, the TalkLoc system allows guests to locate beverages, and special services by enabling members of their party, including children, in them to act on their impulses from anywhere real time. With the push of a button, guests on the resorts property... even if the guest is can communicate with each other anywhere moving from one area to another. For resorts, within the resort campus, without needing the resulting increased sales can yield large their mobile phones. gains in revenue.
  4. 4. Guests Love TalkLoc“TalkLoc kept our whole family connected!” Freedom Security A TalkLoc system allows guests to use more of But TalkLoc is about more than just higher your resorts available space while still revenue for the resort, it provides peace of accessing its services. Thanks to the real-time mind to your guests. With TalkLoc, parents location functionality, they can rest-assured are always aware of their children’s that staff can find them, anywhere on the whereabouts anywhere at our resort. By resort campus, to deliver their food, using the wireless communication device, beverage or service. they never lose contact with their loved ones.
  5. 5. Exciting New TechnologyOur unique solution is a one-of-a-kind, combining innovation withestablished technology -- RFID -- which relies on radio transmission todeliver a whole lot more. Our design, for which multiple patents are issuedand /or pending, allows the real-time location and communicationtechnology to integrate seamlessly into your hotels facilities.Extraordinary resultsUsing a network of units and receiving points, resort staff can always know aguest’s location, without asking, making it easy to provide the serviceshe/she expects. In addition, we make it easy for guests to achieve clear,real-time voice communications, so guests can enjoy connecting with staff orwith each other. The result is a premium service thats as profitable as it iseasy to implement and fun to use.
  6. 6. TalkLoc in Action: the Bottom LineJust how profitable could a TalkLoc system be for your business?Luxury hotels and resorts will enjoy a big revenue boost. 50% 15% Bottom Line: adoption promotional Profits Up bounceAssuming only 50% of a luxury hotel’s guests Through promotional specials – such as an Are these figures realistic? Experience frommake an impulse purchase using the TalkLoc "Extended Happy Hour" or "Anywhere, our installations in established hotels andsystem, then the costs of leasing the Anytime Service" – food and beverage sales resorts indicates that even greater gains areequipment will have been covered. rise by at least 15%. The result would be realized. additional tens of thousands of dollars in sales each quarter.
  7. 7. TalkLoc in Practice, a Real-world ExampleSince Kyrgyzstani luxury Resort Caprice Access points installed throughout the Resortimplemented the TalkLoc system in 2010, profits Caprice capture transmissions from guests’ “This technology has led to an increase inhave increased, and guests have reported they TalkLoc devices both indoors and outdoors, and food and beverage purchases and allowedwere enthusiastic about the convenience of TalkLoc software identifies where each guest, our management to better analyze theaccessing staff and their own party members, as carrying the device, is located. effectiveness of the services offered."well as being instantly located by staff. Since the TalkLoc system was installed, the resort has been able to also improve on its own - Alex Leipi, efficiencies with visibility into each services Hotel Resort Caprice property manager transaction.
  8. 8. How it WorksThe wireless communication device features a microphone andspeaker for clear voice communication, and programmable buttons torequest a response from hotel personnel or to connect with friendsor family. Carried in a purse, or worn with a lanyard, the deviceautomatically communicates with access points installed throughoutyour facility. Our servers receive data from the access points tocalculate the position of the device, even if the guest is on the move.For your resort or hotel management, the data is useful not only inreal time, to identify the location of a guest who requests services,but to provide business analytics that can help staff better serveguests in the future.The device can incorporate a number of options such as an electronicroom key, or smart chip for cashless payments.
  9. 9. Systems Integrators/DistributorsOur success relies not just on our innovative technology, but also onthe high quality of our partners who are expert in systemsintegration and provide a personal touch.We partner with professionals worldwide who can provide thepersonalized, ongoing service that only local integrators can offer.
  10. 10. Ready to Take the Next Step?Want to learn about the benefits TalkLoc could offer your hotel? Simplyreach us by phone or e-mail to find out how easy it is to get a system upand running. We work with partners worldwide, including local, reputableIT systems integrators who understand your specific business.TalkLoc is designed for two of the things that matter most to your guests:convenience and fun, and that means profitability for your business. Edward Levin Director, Business DevelopmentIsnt it time to start increasing your per-guest profit? +1 (720) 440-3545