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Advanced theories


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Analysis of mexican immigration to the US

Published in: Education
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Advanced theories

  1. 1. Discrimination of migrants in receiving communities Mexican migrants in the USA
  2. 2. • Host countries see the lack of assimilation of migrants as detrimental for the society and discriminate them for it. However, at the same time, discrimination discourages assimilation. Why is this case a problemin the post-positivist agenda?
  3. 3. • Post-colonialism. What post-positivist theory is the most suited for analyzing this problem?
  4. 4. • Discrimination by recieving communities is caused by the «othering» of migrants. General argument
  5. 5. • the social and/or psychological ways in which one group excludes or marginalizes another group. «othering»
  6. 6. Early 20th century •Jews and italians “non white” 1924 – “Immigration act” 1940 - •“Alien registration act” 1986 •Immigration Amnesty Act Brief history of the problem
  7. 7. 2001 • “patriot act” 2010– “SB1070”
  8. 8. Winners & losers
  9. 9. International impact
  10. 10. Shortcomings of the theory
  11. 11. • Eva Bischoff & Elisabeth Engel «Colonialism and Beyond: Race and Migration from a Postcolonial Perspective” • « Authors and publications