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Education: Dreams, Passion, Competence


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Our Lady of Mercy School - Rio - 03/Jun/2014

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Education: Dreams, Passion, Competence

  1. 1. Education Dreams, Passion, Competence Eduardo Chaves Our Lady of Mercy School Rio de Janeiro, RJ June 3rd, 2014
  2. 2. Sea Turtles Facts: They don’t get to know their parents They don’t go to any church They don’t belong to any club They don’t attend any school They don’t receive any education Yet . . . They already know, at birth, how to live their lives on their own – they don’t need any education ! Because . . . They are totally the product of their inherited genes
  3. 3. Can we do anything right after we are born? Humans Except, perhaps . . .
  4. 4. Humans Facts: We live a loooooooooooong time with our parents We normally go to church - every now & then We normally belong to a club (or more than one) We attend several schools for a loooooooog time We receive a lot of education – or should . . . Yet, it so happens that, very often . . . Many of us don’t know what to do with our life  Or, worse, in the end, make a mess of it    Why?
  5. 5. Humans Our inherited genes do matter, but they are not all We are also partially the product of: Our home Our communities (church, clubs, etc.) Our schools Our interactions with our peers Our interactions with our culture SO the various components of our environment also matter BUT that is not all either . . . There is still a challenge:
  6. 6. How to transform these two . . . into these RICH two
  7. 7. or . . . Into these HOLY two
  8. 8. Dreams We, humans are also the product of our dreams ! Dreams are much more than mere wishes Dreams are wishes for which we are passionate and for the actualization of which we are committed to developing the necessary competencies Dreams materialize in the choices we make . . . To become true, dreams must be transformed into life projects People in business call dreams “vision” and a life project “mission”
  9. 9. A Life Project Personal component Who we want to be as persons, as human beings Who we want to share our life with What friends we want to cultivate Professional Component What career(s) we choose to embrace Who we want to associate or partner with Social Component What contribution we expect to make What legacy we hope to leave
  10. 10. Execution Dreams and life project, vision and mission, will remain in our mind, or on paper, unless and until they are executed, transformed into reality To bring them into reality two more things are needed Passion, passionate commitment, motivation Competence, the ability to act competently
  11. 11. Passionate Commitment The mind is a wonderful thing: intelligence, high iQ, reasoning, ratiocination, argument, problem solving, these are all fantastic things to have But we can have a brilliant mind and be a failure The mind, by itself, is unable to motivate and move us, to keep us going in the face of obstacles and difficulties – especially in the face of failure We don’t need an emotional intelligence: we need intelligent emotions: respect for others, cooperation, solidarity, resilience, patience, persistence, courage Without them we will not get very far
  12. 12. Competent Action These are perhaps the components most valued by the 21st century: skills and competencies Dreams, vision, life project, intelligent emotions, etc. are necessary, but not sufficient: they are not adequate substitutes for competent action Discover as quickly as you can what sorts of skills and competencies are required to transform your dreams into reality, and then go and develop them as well you possibly can
  13. 13. Final Counsel Tomorrow, give yourselves two presents: Get a copy of the movie October Sky, and watch it ! Buy a copy of Steven Covey’s best-selling book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, read it, and keep it as reference ! And pray daily, following Reinhold Niebuhr’s (and Ayn Rand’s) suggestion, for these three things: Courage to do what needs to be done Resignation to accept what cannot be done Wisdom to distinguish one from the other
  14. 14. Eduardo Chaves Slides: mercy-20140603-english-theme-35274757 Thank You!