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Implementing Virtual Reality in an Academic Library


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Implementing a VR centered makerspace in an academic library

Published in: Education
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Implementing Virtual Reality in an Academic Library

  1. 1. Implementing Virtual Reality in an Academic Library Presented for LITA Forum 2016 By Edward Iglesias and Kreg Mosier
  2. 2. Why VR?
  3. 3. The Usual Suspects
  4. 4. In Pr0n We Trust
  5. 5. Continued • Super 8 film • VHS over Betamax • Closed captioning • Online payments • Blu-ray over HD DVD • supercompressor-com
  6. 6. Okay but why? • Links to University Strategic Plan • Fostering Academic and Co-Curricular Innovation • From SFA Envisioned • University opening a new STEM center • • Educational Fit
  7. 7. Partnership Opportunities (Internal) • Art • • Forestry • Ariel drone footage mapped to point cloud • Education • Virtual field trips • Mathematics • Mapping objects that need more than 2 dimensions •
  8. 8. Partnerships External • Oklahoma University (OVAL --Oklahoma Virtual Academic Laboratory) •
  9. 9. Make sure you have the right people • Web designer • Programmer • Faculty suck up to ask for money • Actually you don’t need any of these, this is just who we had to work with.
  10. 10. So you wanna start a VR lab? • Get some goggles • HTC Vive • Oculus Rift • HTC will be a stand up experience (get a room) • Oculus is a sit down experience (get a chair with cable management)
  11. 11. Here are some pictures
  12. 12. HTC Vive
  13. 13. Wiring with HDMI and USB Extender
  14. 14. Stream of VR using OSB Studio
  15. 15. Typical Response
  16. 16. Relation of Screen to VR Room
  17. 17. Ominous is a strong word
  18. 18. Soon, the Occuli Arrive
  19. 19. Special Custom Holder Screw
  20. 20. The Whole Space
  21. 21. Purchasing: The Hidden Nightmare The biggest Impediment to implementing any new technology is having to explain to it to non-technical folks, especially if they’re the ones holding the wallet.
  22. 22. “You don’t need three of those…” • In order to save time and excruciating headaches, TALK TO YOUR PURCHSING DEPARTMENT UP FRONT. Explain what you are doing, bring printouts of Articles with photos, illustrations, etc. • “Is this some kind of videogame?” No. • “Are you sure it’s not videogames?” Yes. • “We’re going to need to talk to Legal Counsel to make sure these aren’t video games…”
  23. 23. OK, How About Just One? If you can convince them to let you buy at least a single unit that you can set up and demonstrate to Students and Faculty, the program will sell itself! You cannot explain it…it must be witnessed first-hand. I can almost guarantee that with very few exceptions, every single person who has the VR experience will become an evangelist for you and the technology. Relate the experience to their field of study: “Criminal Justice? How about a forensics lab simulation?” “Art? Check out Tilt Brush!”
  24. 24. FORM 327/b Misery Loves Company.doc ( replaces Form 305: Because That’s How We’ve Always Done It. ) • Just do the Paperwork, and play the game. It will all work itself out…just plan to answer the exact same questions a few times, and also on delays caused by having to vet new companies into the state system. Understand that you are a trailblazer (relatively speaking…),and that there are no clearly defined “Best Practices” yet, and no pre-packaged solutions. In this regard, YOU WILL BE INVENTING THE WHEEL.
  25. 25. The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow If you find yourself frustrated by the bureaucracy, go grab someone who has never experienced VR and do an impromptu demo! The excitement and enthusiasm most people exhibit after their first VR experience is almost addictive, for both the the viewer and the person doing the demo! Your users will revitalize you!