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Flexible Assessment


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Flexible Assessment

  1. 1. Student voices in learning
  2. 2. Student Choices Students choose weight of assessments Students self-assess Students peer assess Students choose how to assess Students choose what to assess !
  3. 3. Student Choices Students choose weight of assessments – ‘Plussage’Plussage’ is a novel system of combining formative and summative assessment. For example, students complete two assessments (mid- and end-semester exams). Both assessments are considered to be summative, but the student gets to choose whether the first assessment counts in the final grade. If it does, it counts for 25% of the final grade while the second assessment counts for 75%. If the student chooses to discount the first grade, then the second assessment is counted for 100% of the grade. This allows the first assessment item to be either a low summative or a formative assessment. There is real incentive to study for and achieve well in such a first assessment. Plussage allows early indication of poor understanding with potentially no final grade consequence for a student. In addition, the high stakes anxiety can be removed from the final grade if the student performs well in the first assessment.Plussage also provides a useful tool for tutors, moderators and students to assess the effectiveness of this early assessment and subsequent feedback on learning. - Special thanks to Craig Hilton, M.D., for bringing this work on plussage to our attention
  4. 4. Student Choices Students self-assess Reflection- on-Action Discussion Study
  5. 5. Student Choices Students peer assess Student learn their own strengths and weaknesses by grading each other, enhancing their own learning Peer assessment improves subsequent work and enhances student understanding Students learn how to assess and how to test better
  6. 6. Student Choices Students choose how to assess Assessment Oral report? Written One report? Assessment Presentation? Video? Two Assessment Multiple Essay? Three Choice?
  7. 7. Student Choices  Students choose what to assess Formative 2 Item 3 Item 1 Item 6 Summative PortfolioFormative 1 Formative 3
  8. 8. Flexible AssessmentFlexible FlexibleLearning teachers Superior Graduates