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How Big Data Ecosystems Work

"How Big Data Ecosystems Work "

Keynote at BDVA Summit 2016 Valencia

Dr. Edward Curry Vice-President, BDVA

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How Big Data Ecosystems Work

  1. 1. #bdvasummit #bdvasummit How Big Data Ecosystems Work Dr. Edward Curry Vice-President, BDVA Insight Centre for Data Analytics
  2. 2. 30/11/16 2#bdvasummit www.bdva.eu30/11/16 THE NEED FOR A BIG DATA ECOSYSTEM
  3. 3. 30/11/16 3#bdvasummit
  4. 4. 30/11/16 4#bdvasummit Siemens
  5. 5. Connected care and health informatics PreventionHealthy living Diagnosis Treatment Home care Connected personalized care
  6. 6. Aggregating different data silos Healthcare providers Health Tech sector Payers Pharma sector Hospitals, GPs, Health Systems Consumer Integrated data Insights
  7. 7. 30/11/16 7#bdvasummit www.bdva.eu30/11/16 WHAT MAKES AN ECOSYSTEM WORK….
  8. 8. 30/11/16 8#bdvasummit Technology Providers Data Value Chain Core Value Chain Extended Value Chain Big Data Ecosystem Suppliers of Complementary Data Products and Services End-Users of my End-Users Direct Data End-Users Direct Data Suppliers Data Value Distribution Channels Suppliers of my Data Suppliers Co-opetitors (Competitors and cooperation) Other Stakeholders and Peripheral Actors Government Organisations Regulators Investors, Venture Capitalist & Incubators Industry Associations Data Marketplace Standardisation Bodies Start-ups and Entrepreneurs Researchers & Academics Stakeholders in a Big Data Value Ecosystem
  9. 9. Legal Social EconomicTechnology Application Data & Skills Big Data Value Ecosystem Ownership Copyright Liability Insolvency Privacy User Behaviour Societal Impact Collaboration Business Models Benchmarking Open Source Deployment Models Information Pricing Data-Driven Decision Making Risk Management Competitive Intelligence Digital Humanities Internet of Things Verticals Industry 4.0 Scalable Data Processing Real-Time Statistics/ML Linguistics HCI/Visualisation The Dimensions of a Big Data Value Ecosystem [adapted from Cavanillas et al. (2014)]
  10. 10. 30/11/16 10#bdvasummit BDV PPP: A Holistic Big Data Value Ecosystem Big Data Value Chains Skills Legal Technical ApplicaKon Business Social
  11. 11. 30/11/16 11#bdvasummit BDV Ecosystem Principles Focus BDV Ecosystem Principle Openness The Ecosystem should embrace and contribute to openness in terms of data, technology standards, interoperability, best pracKce, educaKon, and innovaKon. Connectedness The ecosystem should prioriKse connectedness and synergies between actors, industrial sectors, languages, and across boarders. Cross-Sectorial The ecosystem should involve all relevant sectors of industry, society, and scienKfic disciplines. Sustainable The ecosystem should strive for self-sustainability in structure and funcKon, in order to maintain long-term ecosystem services. Co-evoluAon The ecosystem should support compeKKon, cooperaKon and co-evoluKon between actors. IncubaAon The ecosystem should incubate start-ups and entrepreneurs
  12. 12. 30/11/16 12#bdvasummit 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 Horizon 2020 Work Programme 16/17 18/ 19 2020 Beyond PPP Lighthouse Projects European InnovaKon Spaces R&I and InnovaKon Projects Ecosystem Enablers 3 Stages 1st Gen. High-Impact Sectors 2nd Gen. High-Impact Sectors Establish Federation Governance Innovation Acceleration Phase 1 Establish InnovaKon Ecosystem Phase 2 Pioneer DisrupKve SoluKons Phase 3 Ecosystem Sustainability
  13. 13. 30/11/16 13#bdvasummit www.bdva.eu30/11/16 3 KEY IMPACTS TO SCALE THE DATA ECOSYSTEM
  14. 14. 30/11/16 14#bdvasummit Impact #1: Industrial Adoption of Big Data Barrier: Europe is behind other regions in the adoption of Big Data BDV PPP Action: Drive the adoption of big data to transform industrial sectors
  15. 15. 30/11/16 15#bdvasummit Lighthouse Projects (ICT-15) • Demonstrate Big Data Value in a target industrial sector • Large-scale data-driven demonstraKons • Propose replicable soluAons by using exisKng technologies or very near to market technologies • Create high level impact and broadcast visibility
  16. 16. 30/11/16 16#bdvasummit   Demonstrate Relative Advantage: Demonstrate increase of productivity/ competitiveness of the target sector   Provide proof points: Availability of evidence and practice efficacy for the target sector to justify investment   Risk: Understanding of the level of risk associated with the implementation and adoption   Develop Ecosystem: Connect key stakeholders within the sector across the value chain with active participation (including SMEs).   Sustainability: Enable large scale replication for sectorial transformation Lighthouses: Driving Adoption DataBio: Data-Driven Bioeconomy ICT-15-2016-2017 TT: Transforming Transport IA ICT-15-2016-2017
  17. 17. 30/11/16 17#bdvasummit Impact # 2: Promote Secure Data Sharing for Innovation Barrier: Availability of data is paramount, but data sharing is an uncommon BDV PPP Action: Facilitate Cross-domain Data sharing & Foster Data Experimentation
  18. 18. 30/11/16 18#bdvasummit European Innovation Spaces (ICT-14) (i-Spaces for short) Hubs to bring together… Data Owners + Data Innovators a secure, trusted, and controlled environment From “proof of concept” to “proof of ROI”
  19. 19. 30/11/16 19#bdvasummit I-Spaces will deliver: Support Cross-Domain Data Integration •  Simplify data analytics carried out over datasets from different companies and sectors •  Shorten time to market for new data products and services Incubate and Support Data Experimentation •  Encourage participation of SMEs and web entrepreneurs •  Support testing and benchmarking of technologies, applications, and business models. ICT-14-2016-2017 - Projects •  BigDataOcean: Exploiting Ocean's of Data for Maritime Applications •  SLIPO: Scalable Linking and Integration of Big POI data •  Data Pitch: Accelerating data to market •  AEGIS: Advanced Big Data Value Chain for Public Safety and Personal Security •  euBusinessGraph: Enabling the European Business Graph for Innovative Data Product and Services •  QROWD: Because Big Data Integration is Humanly Possible •  FashionBrain: Understanding Europe’s Fashion Data Universe •  EW-Shopp: Supporting Event and Weather-based Data Analytics and Marketing along the Shopper Journey
  20. 20. 30/11/16 20#bdvasummit Impact # 3: Technical Innovation Barrier: New techniques are need to create new opportunities and develop or sustain competitive advantages BDV PPP Action: Overcome Technical Barriers to delivering Big Data Value Solutions
  21. 21. 30/11/16 21#bdvasummit Philips Healthcare Transformation Interoperability Decision Support User Experience Real-Time Analysis Data-in-Motion Privacy and TrustData-in-Motion and Data at Rest
  22. 22. 30/11/16 22#bdvasummit Data Protection Privacy Preserving Technology •  Substantial improvement of technologies for data access, processing and analysis to protect consumer and personal data •  Creating secure environments for data access, process and analysis •  With ICT-14 (i-Spaces) Ethics and Awareness •  Ethically sound approach to big data processing with involvement of relevant actors and stakeholders •  Improve awareness and confidence in Big Data communities (industry, research, policy makers, regulators) ICT-18-2016 - Projects •  SODA: Scalable Oblivious Data Analytics •  MH-MD: My Health - My Data •  SPECIAL - Scalable Policy- awarE linked data arChitecture for prIvacy, trAnsparency and compliance •  e-Sides: Ethical and Societal Implications of Data Sciences
  23. 23. 30/11/16 23#bdvasummit BDVe: Big Data Value ecosystem IMPACT Framing conditions for data economy Big Data landscape Business opportunities Innovation Booster Industrial Impact & investment ECOSYSTEM Communities SMEs and startups National, regional and local dimension Relevant EU initiatives Collaborative platform Governance of PPP portfolio SKILLS Network of Big Data CoE Big Data Value Education Hub Certification of curricula & Training Programmes Data Scientist Mobility Programme MARKETING Strategy & Operational marketing plans Branding and marketing material Channels in action: Online, Media, Events ICT-17-2016-2017
  24. 24. 30/11/16 24#bdvasummit THANK YOU Further Information: Edward Curry Vice-President, BDVA Insight Centre for Data Analytics BDVA: