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Big Data Public Private Forum (BIG) @ European Data Forum 2013


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Talk on the Big Data Public Private Forum (BIG FP7 Project) @ at the European Data Forum 2013

Published in: Technology, Business
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Big Data Public Private Forum (BIG) @ European Data Forum 2013

  1. 1. Big Data Public Private ForumBig Data Public Private Forum (BIG) Edward Curry (DERI) European Data Forum 2013 Project co-funded by the European Commission within the 7th Framework Program (Grant Agreement No. 257943)
  2. 2. Motivation BIG Big Data Public Private Forum Technology Adoption Lifecycle Rogers, Everett M. (1962). Diffusion of Innovations. Glencoe: Free Press. ISBN 0-612- 62843-4.
  3. 3. Motivation BIG Big Data Public Private Forum Early Adopters Early Majority (Visionaries) (Pragmatists) • Survey of 750 European senior IT Michael Gorriz CIO decision makers • Only ¼ have explored and made a successful business case for big data European Data • 7% see as a current priority Innovator 2013 • 62% believe a priority within 3 years
  4. 4. The BIG Project BIG Big Data Public Private Forum Overall objective Bringing the necessary stakeholders into a self-sustainable industry-led initiative, which will greatly contribute to enhance the EU competitiveness taking full advantage of Big Data technologies. Work at technical, business and policy levels, shaping the future through the positioning of IIM and Big Data specifically in Horizon 2020.
  5. 5. Key facts about BIG-project BIG Big Data Public Private Forum▶ Type of project: CSA▶ Project start date: September 2012▶ Duration: 26 months▶ Call: FP7-ICT-2011-8▶ Effort: 552,5 PM▶ Budget: 3,038 M€▶ Max EC contribution: 2,499 M€▶ Consortium: 11 partners
  6. 6. Goals and Objectives BIG Big Data Public Private Forum• BIG aims to promote a well-developed EU industrial landscape in Big Data – Providing a clear picture of existing Big Data technology trends and their maturity – Acquire a understanding of how Big Data can be applied to innovative use cases within different sectors – Foster adoption of current Big Data technology solutions – Contribute to EU competitiveness and position in Horizon 2020 – Building a self-sustainable industry-led initiative beyond the project duration
  7. 7. Major Activities BIG Big Data Public Private Forum Identification ▶Requirements and use cases from all of Sector’s Sectors requisites ▶Industry-driven Sector Forums Applicability ▶Big Data technologies and its of Big Data capabilities technology ▶Technical Working Groups Elaboration of ▶Sectorial roadmaps Roadmap ▶Cross-sectorial integrated roadmap
  8. 8. BIG: project structure BIG Big Data Public Private Forum Industry driven working groups Manufacturing, Finance & Telco, Media & Health Public Sector Retail, Energy, insurance Entertainment Transport Needs Supply Value Chain Data Data Data Data Data acquisition analysis curation storage usage • Data preprocessing • Structured data • Decision support • Semantic analysis • Trust • Unstructured Data • RDBMS limitations • Decision making • Sentiment analysis • Provenance • Event processing • NOSQL • Automatic steps • Other features • Data augmentation • Sensors networks • Cloud storage • Domain-specific analysis • Data validation • Streams usage • Data correlation Technical areas
  9. 9. Subject Matter Expert Interviews BIG Big Data Public Private ForumInterviews available on: 10.04.13 9
  10. 10. GETting Involved in BIG… BIG Big Data Public Private Forum• Participate in Subject Matter Expert Interviews – Technical Experts – Corporate Strategic Decision Makers (CIO & CTO) – One-on-One Engagement (Face-to-Face, Email, Phone, etc.)• Become Associate Partner – Access to internal project discussion – Early access to project results (whitepapers, roadmaps, etc)• Collaboration on Dissemination Events – EDF co-organisation – What is the key Big Data event in your Industry?
  11. 11. Timeline of the most important deliverables BIG Big Data Public Private ForumQ2/2013 Q2/2013 D2.2.1 D2.3.1Initial Technical White Papers Initial Sector’s requisites D4.2.1 Q3/2013Q4/2013 Initial IPR, StandardizationInitial recommendations D2.4.1Big Data Public-Private Forum D4.3.1 Q3/2013Q1/2014 D2.2.2 Initial Sector´s RoadmapFinal Technical white paper Q2/2014Q2/2014 D4.2.2 D2.3.2 Final version ofFinal version of IPR, Sectors requisitesStandardizationrecommendations D2.5 Q4/2014 Cross-sectorial roadmap consolidation
  12. 12. Contact Details BIG Big Data Public Private ForumSector Forum Leader ContactHealth Sonja Zillner sonja.zillner@siemens.comPublic Ricard Munné ricard.munne@atosresearch.euTelco, Media & Entertainment Helen Lippell helen.lippell@pressassociation.comFinance & Insurance Pedro Soria pedro.soria@atosresearch.euManufacturing, Retail, Tilman Becker sebnem.rusitschka@siemens.comEnergy, TransportTechnical Working Group Leader ContactData Acquisition Axel Ngonga ngonga@informatik.uni-leipzig.deData Analysis John Domingue Curation Edward Curry ed.curry@deri.orgData Storage Herman Ravkin hravkin@agtinternational.comData Usage Tilman Becker
  13. 13. BIG can help you be the next…. BIG Big Data Public Private Forum European Data Innovator 2014 European Data Innovator 2015 European Data Innovator 2016 ….