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Top 10 Mobile Applications - Savoy Magazine by Edward Cates


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Savoy Magazine's Spring 2010 issue features a review of Top 10 Mobile applications along with a review of the Apple iPhone and Google Android OS. Written by Edward Cates of Nuance Marketing.

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Top 10 Mobile Applications - Savoy Magazine by Edward Cates

  1. 1. TECHNOLOGY SAVOY's Top Mobile 10 Applications B Y E D WA R D C AT E S Mobile applications (app or apps) are expanding the functionality of the devices we carry by connecting us to resources and people in unprecedented ways. The Apple iPhone mastered app sales and the delivery platform that is now offered on an array of devices and mobile operating systems including Google Android phones. “With Google’s entry into the mobile phone space, companies like Apple and BlackBerry will be forced to keep CNN MOBILE – This mobile version of CNN includes live up the pace of innovation,” said Brent Leary Technology Analyst & streaming video of breaking news, headlines of the day with Co-author of Barack 2.0: Social Media Lessons for Small Business. location based news, weather and traffic from the palm of your “The growing dependence on social networks and media from hands. ($1.99) mobile devices will accelerate more application development for mobile platforms.” PANDORA RADIO – Start with the name of one of your favorite From checking in on your Facebook account to finding the artists, songs or music genre and Pandora will create a “station” closest Starbucks, mobile phone applications offer a great way that plays their music and more like it. (Free) to step up your tech savvy. Not sure which application is for you? Here’s our Top 10 listing of Mobile Applications to help get you RED LASER – Uses the built in camera as a bar code scanner started: delivering search results for low online and local prices from hundreds of thousands of retailers. ($1.99) FACEBOOK – The free mobile Facebook app varies on device but will satisfy your need to connect on the go, update your status, SCRABBLE – America’s favorite board game has been reborn for chat, share photos and of course poke via your trusty device. (Free) mobile application and allows you to strike up a multiplayer game through the Internet or through a Facebook gaming module. AROUND ME – A powerful free app that allows users to quickly ($4.99) find out information about surrounding businesses and locations based on GPS location. (Free) TWEETIE 2 – For the Twitter aficionado, this mobile interface allows users to seamlessly handle multiple twitter accounts, search all of Twitter, mentions, replies, direct messages, trending TOM TOM – Tom Tom’s mobile application provides turn-by-turn topics and post pictures with videos. ($2.99) navigation support for North America with intuitive voice direction and integration with your device. The hefty price is at the higher end LINKEDIN – Whether you are a LinkedIn legend or just signed of application pricing scale but cheaper than buying a stand-alone up, this application will deliver an impressive blend of the popular navigation unit with regular updates and support from Tom Tom. professional networking sites best features. Send and respond ($59.99) to invitations to connect, send messages to your contacts and update your status all real time from your mobile device. (Free) BANKING – Wells Fargo & Bank of America – Time to pay bills, “Today’s mobile applications allow us to do things we could check your balance or make a transfer while you are away from only dream about a few short years ago,” adds Leary, “Our your computer? Fire up your banking application of choice and in productivity is increasing, as is our ability to more meaningfully no time you can securely login, manage your banking and keep it share information and experiences with people in our lives - both moving. (Free) professionally and personally.” S 8 SAVOY Spring 2010