Write a book in three hours


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Exercise to write a book in three hours. Inspired by @tim_leake and @hyperisland

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Write a book in three hours

  1. Strategic Creative Development (The following exercise was inspired by @hyperisland and @tim_leake.24 students actually wrote and produced a 60 page book in three hours.) Professor Edward Boches BU College of Communication
  2. Let’s write a book
  3. In three hours
  4. Lesson in: -speed-idea generation -collaboration-decision making -creativity -thinking -expression
  5. Topic:What we will change, orThe advertising industry better watch out, ‘cause here we come.
  6. Here we come
  7. Your job:Stay focused Work fastBe productive
  8. courtesy @hyperisland
  9. courtesy @hyperisland
  10. Guidelines: -stickies -brevity -clarity
  11. Keep an open mindYou won’t always know where you’re going Stay with the flow
  12. Take pictures Instagram Tweet#buscdbook
  13. Writers on one side Drawers on other Grab a partner LET’S GO!!!!
  14. THINK ABOUT: -who you are -what you know -how you work-role of technology in your lives -collaboration -opinions about advertising
  15. ANSWER -why we need to change -how will you change the business? -what will you want to make? -how will technology inspire you? -how will you collaborate? -where will you work? -role of women? -diversity? -content, what will it be?-how will you relate to older generation?
  16. WRITE SOUNDBITES -one per stickie -brief and clear -on the wall
  17. CURATE -vote for favorites-tic mark on what’s worth putting in book -we need 10 or 12
  18. Assess
  19. We now have 10--12 subtopics -take the one you want most -return to your seat
  20. Write succinct clever headlines for your chapter
  21. Crazy collaboration creates cooler content My partner is a developer We speak in codeDeadlines don’t matter in the realtime world
  22. Write a lot and narrow to five best:
  23. Pitch to the class and pick the best Place chapter title on the wall
  24. Order the book:
  25. Pick your chapter:
  26. GO!
  27. Write the chapter to your book. -200--300 words -write fast -edit -post to google doc
  28. Drawers and art directors: -encourage -edit-draw images that represent -Instagram with hashtag #buscd book
  29. Drawers and art directors: -clean, sharp images -scan into computer -clean and sharpen -gather photos -art direct backgrounds
  30. Write the chapter to your book.
  31. Break
  32. We should be half way: 10:30 AM
  33. Book title: writers Edit copy: editor/writerPick images: Instagram? Filters? Design book: Begin to make it: PR/Promotion plan: Next steps: Can we finish?
  34. Edit Proof Scan Art direct PanicStay focused Divide Conquer Finish
  35. Fin