SxSW 2014 Trends, Observations, Predictions


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SxSW observations. Privacy comes out of the closet. Digital manufacturing gets accessible. Social responsibility emerges as a cool thing to do. Actions beat advertising when it comes to marketing. And more.

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SxSW 2014 Trends, Observations, Predictions

  1. 2014 @edwardboches
  2. privacy comes out of the closet
  3. You have decided not to tell Facebook your home phone number. ! Guess what? They know it. It’s in a friend’s contacts and she forgot to conceal it.
  4. Do you have any idea how many trackers are following you when you visit a website? ! Often there are 40 or more trackers taking note of your IP and cookies.
  5. Your meta data reveals where you’ve been, who you’ve been with, how long you’ve been there?
  6. Do you want the government, Google, or Facebook to know you’re visiting gay sites, gun sites, porn sites, or political party sites?
  7. Do you even know how many companies you’ve allowed to access your Twitter feed? ! When is the last time you checked your settings?
  8. Prediction: ! Consumers will pay more attention to privacy. ! There is an opportunity for social and Internet brands to promote and endorse end-to-end encryption. ! New tools will gain traction.
  9. digital manufacturing becomes accessible
  10. Once, computers were only available to large corporations. ! Then came the personal computer.
  11. Once, printing presses were only available to media giants and publishers. ! Then came desktop publishing.
  12. Once, milling machines were only available to large factories. ! Then came digital manufacturing.
  13. Now, $650 buys you a milling machine. ! Free software (EASEL) makes manufacturing as easy as blogging.
  14. Prediction: ! The maker movement will go mainstream. ! Larger brands, retailers, big box stores will modify business models to accommodate the new interest. ! A smaller percentage of goods will be made in China.
  15. marketing transcends advertising
  16. ! IBM markets cognitive computing with a food truck that captures everyone’s imagination.
  17. ! It’s an initiative in which the brand does something rather than say something.
  18. IBM invites user participation.
  19. It creates content.
  20. It tells a story rather than promote a product.
  21. Prediction: ! More and more brands will do rather than tell. ! Consumer participation will be essential to all good marketing ideas. ! Content will be created by the brand, the user and the experience itself.
  22. brands build good will through social responsibility
  23. Lack of clean drinking water kills millions of children every year.
  24. No health organization has the resources or infrastructure to bring clean water to remote areas in Paraguay or Ghana.
  25. Coca Cola is the one brand whose tentacles reach to the most distant corners of the world.
  26. Partnering with DEKA, Coke transport the parts to build EKO Centers and bring the Slingshot clean water system to those who need it most.
  27. Prediction: ! More brands will find value in social responsibility. ! Innovative partnerships and collaboration will create opportunities for both parties. ! More of the world’s problems will be solved by for-profit corporations.
  28. personal data is the new obsession
  29. Calories burned, time spent in R.E.M., and now our personal genome, mapped and tapped.
  30. Your DNA will help you track your ancestors, determine the source of your personality traits, and maybe even prevent disease in both you and larger communities.
  31. It’s motivated by profit, too.
  32. Founder Anne Wojcicki previously worked on Wall Street investing in companies that made money off of treatment rather than prevention. Treatment of preventable diseases — obesity and diabetes for example — is a multi-billion dollar business.
  33. But lots of companies compete to make money off of treatment. Why not make money off of prevention?
  34. Prediction: ! Personal data is the new gold rush. ! Profit motives will be disguised as being more altruistic than they actually are. ! Consumers will come to expect and even rely on data about their health, DNA, lifestyle, energy consumption and more. ! New moral issues — breeding better offspring — will challenge social and legal standards.
  35. how we are connected will drive innovation
  36. Biz Stone asked a simple question.
  37. “If we were going to create a search engine today, would we want to search only the web? Or all the people we are connected to at any given moment.”
  38. Jelly searches your friends and your friends’ friends. Two degrees of separation.
  39. The question isn’t whether Jelly will be a big idea. The question is where the next big ideas will come from.
  40. What else can be created based on how connected we are to each other?
  41. Prediction: ! We ain’t seen nothin’ yet.