Creativity in the Brief


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Lecture 2 for Portfolio Development. Creativity starts with the brief. Some examples.

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Creativity in the Brief

  1. 2 14 Portfolio Development Edward Boches Portfolio Development Boston University College of CommunicationFriday, September 14, 12
  2. Part One: StrategyFriday, September 14, 12
  3. What is strategy? What is the brief? Why is it important to the creative development? Where can the strategy come from? What are the elements that comprise the brief? What questions do we have to answer? What are the biggest mistakes?Friday, September 14, 12
  4. Briefs should be creative, tooFriday, September 14, 12
  5. BUPDA / Creative Brief Problem/Challenge Snapshot: What is the problem you are trying to solve or the challenge you need to overcome. Describe in a few sentences. Need to introduce a new product and get attention. Want to leverage a new feature to drive trial. Want to reposition a product so that a new user will consider it. Want to get current users to consume more. Etc. Role of communication: Is it awareness, trial, to drive traffic? Is it to connect at the moment of purchase? Is it to earn market share, change opinion, or capture data? What action are you striving to inspire? Target audience/community: With whom are you engaging? Demographic – age, sex, income, marital status. Psychographic – interests, aspirations, lifestyle, habits, tech-savvy, other. *Current beliefs: What do they think about our brand now? For example, business travelers may think Jet Blue is only for casual traveler. We need them to think it’s for them. Desired beliefs (or outcome or action): What do you want them to believe or to do? *Insight that reveals how we can motivate them: What insight do we have that you believe will motivate them to take the action we desire? Business traveler frustrated with airline treatment. *What category conventions can we challenge: How can you use category style, language, standard approaches against them to garner attention and provoke? *Driving brand idea (or catalytic idea): What can you say or do that will achieve our objectives and affectively drive action? *What is the context: Where will you engage and why is it the ideal place/media to connect with your audience/community? *What is the press release that describes the outcome? If you were to write a press release describing what happens after this advertising is seen and engaged with by our target/community, what would it say? !Friday, September 14, 12
  6. Where can we inspire creativity?Friday, September 14, 12
  7. Who are we talking to? What are we saying and doing? Where or when do we engage? How or is there an insight? Challenge what makes it hard? Participation how can we leverage users?Friday, September 14, 12
  8. Mini VanFriday, September 14, 12
  9. Toyota SiennaFriday, September 14, 12
  10. In-Sync TraditionalistsFriday, September 14, 12
  11. Meet Mr. & Mrs. We’re-so-awesome Proud and happy to be parents and they subscribe to traditional family values, but they were professionals prior to becoming parents. They transferred their professional skills – especially their use of technology and new media – into their new roles as Mom and Dad. These young parents are hip, smart and totally in sync with today’s techno media hub. The parents that other folks write off as being put-upon sad- sacks know that this perception is a joke, perpetrated by people who don’t have the guts to drive a minivan.Friday, September 14, 12
  12. Friday, September 14, 12
  13. Where is the creative idea in the brief?Friday, September 14, 12
  14. Creative Strategy: WhoFriday, September 14, 12
  15. TissuesFriday, September 14, 12
  16. KleenexFriday, September 14, 12
  17. “If you think about how tissues are normally portrayed, they’re about controlling snot, controlling spills, controlling germs. if tissues can be a catalyst for releasing emotions, can we make this something which is about release, not control? “Being part of these moments and building that into the brand sets Kleenex out from its competitors. No one else could even think about doing that.” JWT Planning Director Kathryn RobinsonFriday, September 14, 12
  18. Make Kleenex stand not for control, but for the release of human emotions.Friday, September 14, 12
  19. Friday, September 14, 12
  20. Friday, September 14, 12
  21. Where is the creative idea in the brief?Friday, September 14, 12
  22. Creative Strategy: WhatFriday, September 14, 12
  23. MayonnaiseFriday, September 14, 12
  24. Hellmann’sFriday, September 14, 12
  25. Used on sandwichesFriday, September 14, 12
  26. Diversify usageFriday, September 14, 12
  27. Start with customerFriday, September 14, 12
  28. Solution / When Hellmanns was detected as a purchase it printed recipe suggestions on the receipt incorporating other purchases.Friday, September 14, 12
  29. Friday, September 14, 12
  30. Creative Strategy: WhereFriday, September 14, 12
  31. Shower GelFriday, September 14, 12
  32. AxeFriday, September 14, 12
  33. VS Bar SoapFriday, September 14, 12
  34. Insight When it comes to functional cleaning power, AXE’s main competitor isn’t another shower gel, it’s bar soap. It’s cheap, it’s easy and for many guys it’s the only thing they deem to be powerful enough to cut through the daily accumulation of man-stink. To combat it, our first instinct was to try and point out its inherent deficiencies (e.g. it gets “mushy,” it collects your roommate’s “short and curlies,” you use the same bar of soap “upstairs” as you do “downstairs.”) In groups, however, this approach was consistently met with, “True, but what makes shower gel so special?” It was clear that the way to sell shower gel’s cleaning power wasn’t to put down bar soap, it was to one up it. Without a new formulation or functional claim to stand on, this was going to be much easier said than done. The breakthrough came when looking through the data around the 2008 launch of the the AXE Detailer – the first shower tool designed for men. Turns out the solution we had been looking for had been under our noses the entire time. In fact: • 12% of households with an AXE Detailer stopped buying the bar soap category altogether. Quite an accomplishment when you consider that we were now asking guys to not only buy a shower tool, but shower gel to go along with it. • Also, this was at a time when the general market bar soap category had grown by 11%. Bringing in the AXE Detailer allowed us to demonstrate that AXE, not just AXE Shower Gel, could get you truly clean. Now all we needed to do was prove it. Again, messages like “functional clean” are foreign territory for AXE. If we were going to be successful, we would need to find a way to talk about clean that didnt force us to sacrifice the classic AXE wit or sexual tension. Drawing on time spent with college guys in their natural habitat, one thing was clear – no demographic on earth gets physically dirtier than ours. They party too hard, they sweat too much and they share bathrooms with disgusting roommates. And all this is happening when they’re most active with the most girls. Leaving many self-conscious about the state of their “man-zone.” And so, our big idea became the ultimate torture test.Friday, September 14, 12
  35. Takes on the nastiest man parts.Friday, September 14, 12
  36. Friday, September 14, 12
  37. Where is the creative idea in the brief?Friday, September 14, 12
  38. Creative Strategy: InsightFriday, September 14, 12
  39. CameraFriday, September 14, 12
  40. Olympus Digital SLRFriday, September 14, 12
  41. iPhone obstacleFriday, September 14, 12
  42. Features that have to be experiencedFriday, September 14, 12
  43. Let consumers demo the product virtuallyFriday, September 14, 12
  44. Friday, September 14, 12
  45. Where is the creative idea in the brief?Friday, September 14, 12
  46. Creative Strategy: ChallengeFriday, September 14, 12
  47. Ice TeaFriday, September 14, 12
  48. Honest TeaFriday, September 14, 12
  49. People on the go, out of homeFriday, September 14, 12
  50. Brand awareness, earn attention and media, create buzzFriday, September 14, 12
  51. Inspire customers to participate and generate contentFriday, September 14, 12
  52. Create a live interactive honesty indexFriday, September 14, 12
  53. Friday, September 14, 12
  54. Friday, September 14, 12
  55. Where is the creative idea in the brief?Friday, September 14, 12
  56. Creative Strategy: Leverage usersFriday, September 14, 12
  57. Briefs Present and discussFriday, September 14, 12
  58. Briefs Can we help each other make them better to inspire more interesting work?Friday, September 14, 12