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Creativity in the Age of Social Media


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Creativity in the Age of Social Media. It's about getting others to tell stories for us. Consumer trends and examples.

  • This has to be the best compilation of info - it doesn't tell you what to do - it makes you ask 'how do I make this work in my niche?'.

    Thanks for posting Edward...your newest FF subscriber ;-p

    Robyn Hawk
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Creativity in the Age of Social Media

  1. in the age of social media  edward boches chief crea0ve officer
  3. Social media is about getting others to tell our stories for us
  4. It’s about inspiring them to actually write and create those stories.
  5. It’s about inventing experiences that turn into new stories.
  6. listen ENGAGE inspire b u i l d MOBILIZE
  7. 7 7 7 7 VII
  8. consumers want more par0cipa0on  and even control
  9. embrace crowdsourcing give up some control build in memes
  10. we want to do business with  a person,not an ins0tu0on
  11. learn social media protocol put a face, not a logo at the forefront tap into employee enthusiasm
  12. our rela0onships with media are  more complex than ever
  13. know what mode your consumer is in be crea0ve and engaging take your content to your customer
  14. a@en0on is  the new scarcity
  15. offer value in return for a@en0on stand for something make yourself findable
  16. expectations  are higher
  17. give people flexibility to apply judgement build a be@er user experience into everything surprise people when they least expect it
  18. there’s no such thing as perfect. only perfects.
  19. enable customiza0on create mul0ple versions of messages  and product create lots and lots and lots of things
  20. the MP3 is good enough.
  21. fast/easy/portable/accessible don’t waste money on the wrong things learn to be agile
  22. engineer your presence social content blogosphere Channel content is promoted and posted to blogs. search Channel content is Profiles drive traffic Profiles are to the content promoted to Original branded  posted to profiles. channels. the blogs. content and u=lity Blogs will drive traffic and social networks members to the profiles. Friends and fans join your network.
  23. 1 invite your community to create with you
  24. 2 connect your customers to each other
  25. 3 create mashups
  26. 4 turn analog events into digital ones
  27. timberland job site thing
  28. 5 start your own network
  29. 6 give your customers a microphone
  30. 7 build in memes
  31. 8 redefine the medium
  32. 9 remember your product isn’t your product
  33. 10 give your brand away
  34. 11 embrace crowdsourcing
  35. 12 believe in the power of small
  36. new horror mov ie "Paranormal (CNN) - The ty" could be fillin g movie studio Activi keting departme nts with fear. mar
  37. $11,000 film rakes in $7 million in one weekend
  38. learn what an API is what you can do with it make friends with a developer, the future isn’t about  messages it’s about u0lity get Google to give you a presenta0on on what’s possible get over your fear of crowdsourcing
  39. change the make up of your crea0ve team stop thinking that crea0vity means a clever message  develop alliances, you can’t do everything yourself experiment experiment experiment
  40. go forth and CREATE
  41. thank you