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Creating a portfolio on instagram


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Learn to play with social platforms, try little hacks, and get better at inventing and creating. Some examples and suggestions.

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Creating a portfolio on instagram

  1. Creating a Portfolio on Edward Boches! @edwardboches
  2. Creative directors and recruiters want to know that you use social media.
  3. They want to know that you can create using the new platforms.
  4. The interns at BBH Barn hacked Tinder, turning it into a campaign for abandoned dogs.
  5. CDs and recruiters want to see demonstrations of your creativity.
  6. Food porn images on Instagram don’t count.
  7. Developing and executing a fundraiser that uses food porn does.
  8. Learn to use the platforms and try little hacks.
  9. Ale Lariu of She Says built a website for her Scamp Conference using Pinterest.
  10. This is what the finished site looked like.
  11. But that’s not where it starts. Each pin has to be created first.
  12. The speakers on the main page is just another Pinterest page pinned.
  13. Buy tickets now was an Eventbrite page pinned.
  14. You simply figure out what you want on the board that serves as the main site, and create the content to be pinned.
  15. Check out @workwithmullen
  16. If you click on “favorites,” which can be forward or emailed as a link, ! it takes you to a page that reads as a list of endorsements for why ! You Should Work With Mullen
  17. A simple little hack created by asking people to tweet endorsements, and then “favoriting” them in the reverse order we wanted them to appear.
  18. Then look at photos and videos, which can also be forwarded as a link.
  19. You get a presentation deck.
  20. Here’s something IKEA recently did.
  21. They built a website on Instagram.
  22. They posted key images on one Instagram account. ! Tagged each category, which takes you to another account. ! And each of those other accounts featured images of that category of furniture.
  23. Get it?
  24. Actually you have to do it to get it.
  25. I created a portfolio on Instagram.
  26. It can be viewed online.
  27. And obviously on a smartphone.
  28. Just remember to add the pieces in the reverse order that you want them to appear.
  29. My guess is that until this becomes an overdone idea it would be a cool way to share your work. ! Yes, the work still has to be good.
  30. If you forget something you want to say, simply go to Instagram online and add it in the comments.
  31. If you want an image or video to link to a deeper experience…
  32. Simply tag it
  33. So it links to another Instagram account.
  34. You can have multiple Instagram accounts.
  35. But you need a different email address for each one.
  36. But that’s easy. You just hack one of your gmail addresses.
  37. You do know how to do that, don’t you?
  38. An Instagram portfolio may not be as cool as “Adopt a Dog” on Tinder. ! But it’s a place to start. ! The more you play, the more inventive you’ll become.
  39. Go. Play. Create.
  40. Thank you.