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BUSCD 3: Collaborative creativity


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Collaborative Creativity and more from Session 3

Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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BUSCD 3: Collaborative creativity

  1. #BUSCD Session3
  2. Super Bowl: Panel Brand Bowl: Update Re-Cap: Lessons to Date Stand-ups: Team CYour Choice: Subjects/Questions Break Team Projects/Studio
  3. #BUSCD Super Bowl Panel
  4. Brand Bowl 2012
  5. Plug in results
  6. Re-Cap: Lessons to Date
  7. Brand Collaboration
  8. Patagonia: Social Good
  9. Sam Adams: Product Development
  10. Olympus: Content Generation
  13. Charmin: Utility for Users
  14. Mullen: Data Gathering
  15. Uniqlo: Sales Promotion
  16. Stand Ups
  17. Big Ideas
  18. Open Discussion
  19. Team Project--community/audience--insight/tension--strategy--tactics--creativeo ideao executions
  20. Next Week Presentation--15 minutes presentations--very tight--well rehearsed--slides--minimum slides
  21. o the press release (what will the outcome be that your campaign achieves)o audience/communityo insight/tensiono strategy for launch and engagemento core ideao media (paid or earned)o creative executions (three not similar)--social media--app--experiential--collaborative--utility