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Digital Marketing Campaign strategy for Prince of Peace Catholic Church

Situation Overview for Prince of Peace parish, San Antonio, TX. Company and General
Marketing Strategy, Google Analytics Goals, Increasing SEO, Social Media Strategy, and expectations.

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Digital Marketing Campaign strategy for Prince of Peace Catholic Church

  1. 1. Prince of Peace
  2. 2. Overview ED
  3. 3. Prince of Peace Catholic Church is a vibrant and growing parish in San Antonio, Texas. Current digital marketing is limited to a table- based and difficult-to-update website
  4. 4. General Parish Goals Parish is looking to increase membership and redesign website
  5. 5. Situation Analysis Summary Ed
  6. 6. ● 5,000 families ● increased from 4200 a decade ago ● Industry: Faith ● Target Audience: Everyone, especially those within official borders
  7. 7. Demographics ● Largely Middle class ● 60/40 Hispanic/white ● Generally Reflective of area
  8. 8. SWOT summary
  9. 9. Company and General Marketing Strategy Omari
  10. 10. Currently does print advertising (fliers) Suggest: Add Digital Component
  11. 11. Google Analytics Goals Omari
  12. 12. Membership Growth ● Email list/Contact List ● Social Media Audience ● New Member Online Registrations
  13. 13. Membership Engagement ● Social Media Activity ● Return Website Visitors ● Positive Reviews
  14. 14. Additional things to watch ● Bounce Rates ● Mobile Access
  15. 15. Referring domains
  16. 16. Increasing Organic SEO Sheina
  17. 17. Linking with Organizations ● Neighboring parishes -St. Anthony Claret, St. Dominic, St. Brigid ● Special Guests -i.e. Musical artist Josh Blakeley
  18. 18. Website Content ● Content should be organized in a way that is easier for users to navigate through ● Homepage is in need of major reorganizing ● Many pages can be condensed to just one
  19. 19. Keyword Strategy ● Keywords to emphasize include words that classify the church’s denomination and lists service times and events. ● According to Google Adwords, search popularity is highest for the following: -spirit retreats, catholic retreats, acts retreat, catholic mass times, christian retreats
  20. 20. Keyword Strategy ● We also propose utilizing keywords that reflect other popular services sought after by those within a parish. ● This includes but is not limited to quinceañera, weddings, Catholic education, and baby christenings/baptisms.
  21. 21. Keyword Strategy ● For example: -catholic baby christening, catholic quinceanera, catholic quinceanera san antonio, father patrick cronin baby christening ● Next, the most popular keywords for users searching for a catholic church involve mass times or schedules: -mass times catholic ,mass schedules ,prince of peace mass times, sunday mass times, prince of peace church mass times, parish bulletin
  22. 22. Keyword Strategy Most importantly, keywords with the name of the parish must be emphasized, as there are several catholic churches in the San Antonio, TX area who offer the same services and concept of community: -prince of peace in san antonio, prince of peace, prince of peace catholic community, peace of peace catholic, prince of peace catholic church, prince of peace parish
  23. 23. Sample Site Description Prince of Peace Catholic Church | San Antonio, TX San Antonio, Texas. A Catholic Community that strives to foster Christian love and continuous spiritual growth and unity among followers of Jesus Christ.
  24. 24. Landing Page Elements ● Headline ● Subheadline ● Images ● Explanation
  25. 25. Social Media Campaign Sheina
  26. 26. Sample Tweet “Going live with @JoshBlakesleyBand at 6pm in the main hall! The band will be playing songs from their new album and having free giveaways at the parish this evening.” #princeofpeacesatx, #grateful, #joshblakeslytour
  27. 27. Sample Facebook “Jesus loves you and wants to speak to you especially when you wrestle with doubt. This Father Cronin’s sermon talked about coming to Christ with all your needs and leaving them there.” #dependentonchrist, #princeofpeacesatx
  28. 28. ● Sharing their most memorable experiences at the parish. ● Winners would get free admission to a parish retreat. Contest
  29. 29. ● Uniformity in appearance ● Good biography (“bio”) Social Media
  30. 30. ● Events ● Quotes ● Consider Times to tweet ● Hashtags ● Retweet requests Twitter suggestions
  31. 31. ● Strong Content ● Consider Times to post ● Hashtags ● Similar to Twitter Facebook suggestions
  32. 32. Inorganic SEO strategies Omari
  33. 33. CPC Suggest Using Cost Per Click
  34. 34. Sample Ads
  35. 35. Sample Ads
  36. 36. Reviews
  37. 37. Expected Results and Recommendations ED
  38. 38. Metrics ● Difficult to measure without baseline analytics ● Only baseline is general perception of “horrible website” ● But that is still measurable in qualitative and quantitative ways
  39. 39. Expectations ● Growing Mailing list ● Growing and active Social Media Audience ● Increased Return website Visitors ● Higher Webpage Ranks ● Reduced “bounce”
  40. 40. Recommendations ● Install Analytics ● Create “Brand” ● Setup Social ● Improve Website Content ● New Website Design ● Increase Digital Marketing
  41. 41. FIX ASAP ● Bandwidth limit ● Fix missing old pages (301 redirects) ● Fix missing new pages (404 errors)
  42. 42. Additional Suggestions ● Survey Parish ● Use WordPress as CMS
  43. 43. What you took away from completing the project ALL