Bourne identity media


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Bourne identity media

  1. 1. This is the first frame we see which is of the production company Universal. There is a close upof the part of the world and from the countries a golden glow shining out as the wordUniversal rotates around the world. This movement and bright colours emphasises theproduction company as being world-wide and „universal‟.
  2. 2. The next frame is the finished animation of the production company Universal. It has a blackbackground with white dots which represent stars and again relates to Earth being in Space andhas a white glow flaring around the world suggesting its effect and importance to the world. Thewebsite of universal is at the bottom for reference to the company which audiences can visit.
  3. 3. The next frame fades from the Universal frame to black which suggests the film is going tostart and also gives a blank canvas so the audience can pay attention and focus. It helps toopen a fresh scene to begin the film.
  4. 4. This shot is a low angle shot taken under the water looking up to the surface, the frame is light blue suggesting we are under the water and we can see the outline the man floating at the top. The audience are already put into suspense and tension as the digetic sound of the storm is played.
  5. 5. This is an establishing shot of the top of the water with a boat. We can establish this setting isin the sea and the blue lighting coveys the dark, mysterious area and also conveying theeffect of the storm.
  6. 6. The next frame is a high angle shot of 4 men sitting round the table playing cards. Theaudience assume that these men are in the boat in the previous frame and the angle of the camera suggests suspicion as we are peaking at the characters. The lighting here is quite minimal we can see the props however not all of the men‟s faces.
  7. 7. The next shot is a more clearing view of the 4 men. The camera is still tilted as such as we are looking down at the them but the objects and faces are much more recognisable. We see four middle aged men playing cards with cigarettes in their mouths and a wine bottle. The area is untidy and the walls are worn out which suggest the boat is quite used and old. The costume and makeup represent them being fishermen as they are wearing dungarees and one suits and the colours are plain and unison. The makeup is naturalistic and some characters have beards suggesting that they have been out at sea for a long time.
  8. 8. This is an establishing shot with no objects or figures. The dark lighting keeps the audience on theedge of their seat. This frame links from the previous showing the characters to the sea whichindicates that the men are in the boat. The subtitles show the setting of the boat being in theMediterranean sea, also gives an indication of a place “60 miles south of Marseilles” This can showthe location that the boat is going to or the type of people that are in the boat (french?) Thediegetic sound of rain and thunder(thunderstorm)continues the build up of tension, not sure whatsgoing to happen next.
  9. 9. This is a Mid-close up focusing on one of the character of the boat. There is with sound of chatter.The props that are seen are cigarettes and playing cards, their pastime. The cigarette can connotethat they arent very healthy. The costume and make-up signifies their duty of being fishermen- theylook scruffy and their clothing is dull and ragged, growth of their facial hair showing that they havebeen on the boat for a long time, they have a lack of resources. The lighting is dim, but brighter onthe man face maybe connoting his importance.
  10. 10. This frame shows a low angle shot of the man floating on the water. This is the second shot of the cameralooking up to the man but the camera is now closer suggesting that the boat is getting closer to him. The darklighting connotes the unknown however the small source of light that flashes shows this man has importance.This raises questions for the audience such as “where is the light coming from?” and “who is that personfloating?”
  11. 11. This frame shows a medium close up of a man walking on the boat. His costume connotes that he isan experienced fisherman wearing yellow bodysuit. His expression connotes that he is slightly worriedand stressed maybe due to the storm, his hand reaching for his hood connotes the storm and thebackground is slightly dark with shadows, however the light is stronger on his face, highlighting hisexpression.
  12. 12. This is a long shot showing the silhouette of the boat and a the man walking down. The lighting isextremely dark creating a sense of tension and fear, which helps to establish the genre of which weknow is a thriller. This frame creates suspicion as we do not know where or what the man is doing ashis shadow highlights the anonymous and makes the extract mysterious.
  13. 13. This is a mid-close up of the man showing him looking out to the sea. The lighting is still quite darkand naturalistic to the setting so not much of his expression is given out, but we can see theuncertainty of his expression, as he has seen something that has caught his eye, which we as anaudience assume is the body which is in the sea. His costume is drenched suggesting the force ofthe weather. The sound of the thunderstorm connotes fear as many people are afraid of them.
  14. 14. This frame is an establishing shot of the sea however focuses on the man in the water The shot reverseshot showing the man in the water and the fisherman looking signifies a sense of relief for theaudience as he has been spotted, or could be also show create anxiety and trepidation as thisperson is still unknown and could be dangerous. The danger is highlighted through the use of gloomyand dark lighting that has been done to create verisimilitude for the thunderstorm, as well as thediegetic sound of lightening and thunder.
  15. 15. This is a close up of a man who is concentrating on something with a serious facial expression.The lighting is very naturalistic and soft around him which shows that he blends in and doesnt stand out, he is of no supreme importance in the film. He is wearing a yellow boatmans raincoat which acts as a prop to specify his occupation.
  16. 16. This is a final third low angle shot from under water looking up at what seems to be a dead body. We as an audience are much closer to the previous shots which infers that he a significant character and shows the point of view of the fisherman as he is closer to the audiences view is therefore more visible to the other characters. This frame has naturalistic lighting with rays of light shining past the man which gives an angelicportrayal of the man. It causes suspense and mystery to the audience and seeing that it is a closer shot of his body may signify that he is going to be saved.
  17. 17. This slide is an aspect of editing, the shot from underwater looking at the man then fades to a black screen. This gives the effect that the man is in the middle of no where but something isgoing to happen to him, he might be found. Again the audience are left with a black screen which causes anticipation and questioning to what happens next.
  18. 18. This is a high angle shot showing the man being pulled up out of the water on to the deck of the boat by the fishermanwith a net. The lighting is both naturalistic and soft as it is a group shot of them and no one stands out. The costume andmakeup of the characters emphasizes their occupation (fishermen) as they are all in raincoats and big boots with brightcolours. The man’s costume differs, he is wearing a scuba diver suit that is all black almost as though he doesnt want to be noticed. The setting is the boat and there are many props on it e.g ropes, nets and bags of fish which represents why and what they are doing in the middle of the ocean, fishing.
  19. 19. This frame is a high angle shot showing the fisherman‟s point of view looking down at the man. From this shot you can clearly see the person they have caught. The costume and makeup emphasizes the man‟s health as he looks very pale which suggests he has been in the water for a little while and he has a lot of equipment strapped to his scuba suit which suggests that he has a job of his own and adds to the mystery of who this man is.
  20. 20. The next frame is a tilted angle looking down towards the man they pulled out the water. It shows the point of view of the fishermen looking from above and subtitles are edited in totranslate the dialogue of the fishermen. This implies that the fishermen are foreign and we see that they assume that the man is dead however the audience cannot be sure of this.