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Business idea

  1. 1. The beach bar Authors of business idea: o Domante Petkunaite o Aušrine Kutkaite o Edvinas Vyšniauskas o Kotryna
  2. 2. Table of contents  Why beach bar?  Business description.  Specialization.  Vision.  Mission.  Market research.  How we will achieve our goals? Business strategy.
  3. 3. Why beach bar? o Beach bars or clubs always amazing summer become atraction. o In world resorts are thriving beach bars and night clubs business. o Palanga is our summer capital, but there is no place, where people can eat at a great value or have
  4. 4. WE WANT TO CREATE fantastic place by day, by night, where customers should love everything – the stunning sea views, interior, delicious food, music, coctails, night parties and so on..
  5. 5. Business description o Business type – sole proprietorship. o Is scheduled to open on May, 2012. o Hours – Monday/Sunday 9:00-03:00. o Location – seaside, Palanga, Lithuania.
  6. 6. Specialization Business specialization – breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffe, alkohol drinks, coctails and nigtclub. Best services – best prices...
  7. 7. Vision(1) o Our main goal is to be the most successful beach bar and night club in Lithuanian seaside, in Palanga. o We will strive to be a premier local beach bar brand in local market place. o Our main focus will be serving high-quality food and coctails at a great value.
  8. 8. Vission(2) o We will attract the best DJ's from all around of Lithuania. o We would try to find DJ's from foreign countries to work for us. o We will attract best specialists from other spheres, like lights specialists, bartenders and so on.
  9. 9. Mission o To provide the hottest night life entertainment and a great menu during the day time. o Increase the popularity of seaside of Lithuania during the summer. o Make people to have the best memories from their holidays. o Increase the popularity of Lithuanian DJ's.
  10. 10. Market research(1) o So small menu; o Only Asian food; o Expensive ; o Located far away from city center. o „Shiva Bar“
  11. 11. Market research(2) o Too focused on only young people and night parties; o Expensive . o „BarBar‘a beach bar“
  12. 12. KEY To SUCCESS – competitors mistakes and disatvantages.
  13. 13. How we will achieve our goals?
  14. 14. Business strategy(1) Menu  We will create unique menu that will differentiate us from the rest of competition.  We will serve a limited menu and we try to make everything on our menu as good as it can be.  Our menu will include various dishes
  15. 15. Business strategy(2) Incorporate juice and icecream business o Now is fashionable to drink natural juices from various fruits and vegetables so we will sell variety of juice at great price.
  16. 16. Business strategy(3) We will pay attention to children. o 50% of restaurant visits and according to a recent study 75% of parents consider their kids preference when choosing a restaurant so we target our advertising at children and students.
  17. 17. Business startegy(4) Loyal customer „passport“ o We will create „a passport“ or something simmilar, where everytime guests dines, drinks coctails or spends a certain amount, the service staffs stamps the passport. If they collect some number stamps, they will get something.
  18. 18. Business strategy(5) o Čia vieta, kur reikia įdėt kuo bus patrauklūs ir viliojantys mūsų vakarėliai, nes nieko apie tai nešnekam....
  19. 19. Advertisement o We will create advertisement board near the bar. o We will hand promotional leaflets in the beach and city centre. o We will craete website. o We will craete Facebook page.
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  21. 21. Thank you for your attention 