Igniting ambitions


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Igniting ambitions

  1. 1. Please return youryour experienceexperience back
  2. 2. The ideaThe idea Create a platform to bring people with “strong professional experience to come t th f i i th i itogether for giving their experience back to the younger generation byback to the younger generation by becoming Facilitators who Coach and Mentor youth on life and business ”
  3. 3. Igniting AmbitionsIgniting Ambitions Enabling Growthg
  4. 4. Team of ExperiencedTeam of Experienced  professionals &professionals &  EntrepreneursEntrepreneurs Combined Experience >200 yearsCombined Experience 200 years
  5. 5. What we do?What we do? T hTeaching C hCoaching MentorMentoring
  6. 6. How?How? WorkshopsWorkshops Seminar SeriesSeminar Series Long term coachingLong term coaching
  7. 7. Redefiningg TrainingTraining CoachingCoaching + Mentoring
  8. 8. When you love people and have the desire and  k f d hpassion to make a profound impact upon the  world, then, you will have accomplished o d, e , you a e acco p s ed the meaning to live.
  9. 9. MISSIONMISSION C ti f l d t I di bCreating a powerful and stronger India by moulding raw talent intog FUTURE BUSINESS LEADERS
  10. 10. VisionVision To be a One Stopp Skills provider for all stages of lifep f g f f
  11. 11. Our workOur work Our work is beyond the definitions of training. We strongly believe that our interventionsWe strongly believe that our interventions have to help learners in the whole of their lives rather than in specific situations.
  12. 12. Our workOur work Long termLong termLong termLong term coachingcoaching SpeakSmart Communication skills training SpeakSmart Learn to express your ideas Lose the fear of speaking in public
  13. 13. Our workOur work SkillSkillSkillSkill trainingtraining 360~degrees360 degrees 1-3 day workshops Soft skills – Presentation Skills | Employability Skills 1-3 day workshops Business Skills – Entrepreneurship | Financial Management | Investment Management
  14. 14. Our workOur work ProfessionalProfessionalProfessionalProfessional DevelopmentDevelopment TrainingTraining CERTI~40 3 month certificate courses3 month certificate courses Trainings on Subject Matter Expertise Content created and Delivered by Practicing Professionals Certificates from relevant authorities (CFP PMP etc)*Certificates from relevant authorities (CFP, PMP etc) *Upon clearing corresponding tests
  15. 15. No TrainersNo Trainers l f ll f l ddOnly ProfessionalsOnly Professionals and Entrepreneursand Entrepreneurs We callWe call them …..them …..
  16. 16. experiementors experiementors xp i t experiementors experiementors experiementors t experiementors experiementorsp experiementorsexperiementors
  17. 17. 220 years of combined xp nc Our peopleOur people I d t xp iI d t xp iexperience Industry experienceIndustry experience Our team consists of people who have experience rangingOur team consists of people who have experience ranging  over a wide spectrum of businesses and profiles s S lS l Teaching Forces Auditing i l SalesSales & Marketing& Marketing Financial Services Teaching Reverse Auctioning Automobiles ence 11 Entrepreneurial ventures Advertising Investment Banking Oil and GasTextiles Defe C dit ti g Textiles Medical Equipment White Goods Human Resources ManagementMedicine ndian D Credit rating Film & Television Language Teaching Law Technology  Human Resources Management  Staffing & Recruitment Medicine In
  18. 18. Our peopleOur people W kiWorking
  19. 19. Get in touchGet in touch… d t 1www.edventures1.com learning@edventures1.com India.