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SoLoMo is a limiting definition. The contention is that media should replace social media for maximum reach. Current applications of SoLoMo depends too much on the myth that social media platforms has enough active users on a hyperlocal basis.

MeLoMo, media+location+mobile is a better solution in terms of efficacy and opens up a larger universe for creative application.

Presented at The Social Internet, a conference organised by The Internet Society of Singapore , 17 Nov 2012.

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MeLoMo not SoLoMo

  1. 1. 1Confluence Marketing:Social | Local | MobileTalk: The Social InternetVenue: Orchard Parade HotelInternet Society Singapore
  2. 2. 2The Power of PlaceClick-and-mortars takes center stage as shopperuse case changes.
  3. 3. Blending of off-and-online shoppingSource: Ipsos OTX/Google 2012 Holiday Shopping Intentions Survey Wave 1
  4. 4. The Mobile is Now the First Screen
  5. 5. 5Source: Google Singapore, 2011Search is the Main Use on MobileMobile is the first port of call, fueling the purchase intent
  6. 6. 6Mobile is a Catalyst for Buying ActionFirst Moment of Truth (FMOT) begins post-mobileSource: Google Singapore, 2011
  7. 7. 7Mobile is also the Buying AdvisorThe smart phone is an interrupter during FMOTSource: Google Singapore, 2011
  8. 8. Path to Purchase of many touchpointsMost will switch devices while researching, relying on links,search, and shopping cart to pick things back upSource: Google/Compete Holiday Consumer Intentions Survey Wave 1
  9. 9. The Definition of SoLoMo is Limiting9Location MobileSocial≠ Successin location
  10. 10. SoLoMo Funnel10Most SoLoMo campaigns follows this funnel setupLocationMobileSocial Social is seen primarily as a distribution oramplification mediumMobile can be both the platform where distribution takesplace AND/OR where the digital experience bridges thephysical locationOften where the final transaction OR experience takes place
  11. 11. SoLoMo MeLoMo
  12. 12. MeLoMo Funnel12Media is a far more efficacious channel for reachLocationMobileMedia(search, social, OOH,display)Media expands the universe of distribution andamplification in more creative applicationsMobile can be both the platform where distribution takesplace AND/OR where the digital experience bridges thephysical locationOften where the final transaction OR experience takes place
  13. 13. The Whole is Not Sum of Equal Parts13Your business case determines the MeLoMo solution mixMeLoMoLocation MobileMedia13Media: Search,digital, display, social,OOH etcMobile: App or non-app experience?Webapp?Location: Physical orvirtual/ permanent ortemporary?
  14. 14. It could look something like this…14MeLoMoLocationMobileMediaDepending on which section of the path to purchase journeyis your target consumer currently on
  15. 15. Path to Purchase15What is the business problem you are solving with aMeLoMo solution?#Catch #Connect #Close #ContinueDo they know me? Do theyknow where I am? Havetheir friends heard aboutme?Are they familiar with meas a viable choice? Am Iconsidered superior intheir purchase options?Have they visited my site?Have they boughtsomething from me?Are they part of my CRMdatabase? Are they repeatcustomers? Have theyrecommended friends?
  16. 16. Case Study: Pampers Joyful Baby16Each touchpoint is carefully crafted for maximumengagement with mothers #catch #connect #closePampers needed tobreak through thediapers clutter. Acampaign tapping onthe ego energy ofmother’s pride intheir baby routed themothers from a socialmedia game toecommerce andsupermarket displaycounters and back toan onground contestMeLoMoLocation MobileMedia
  17. 17. Case Study: Pampers Joyful Baby
  18. 18. Case Study: Starhub Online Music18Lagging behind iTunes, Starhub needed to build street credand increase traffic #catch #connectMeLoMoLocationMobileMediaUsing music, fashionand RFID, Starhubcreated a new<media> in the formof RFID tags toactivate anunconventional<location>.
  19. 19. Case Study: GongCha Digital Display19Gongcha needed to increase awareness and revenues to itsstore in Somerset #close #catchGongcha turned anearby OOH digitaldisplay into a gameconsole <media> andprompted users toscan a QR code onthe display to activatea webapp interface inorder to play<mobile>. Winnerswill get a coupon onthe phone forredemption at thestore <location>MeLoMoLocationMobileMedia
  20. 20. Case Study: GongCha Digital Display
  21. 21. Case Study: Mercedes QR Hunt21Mercedes wanted to raise awareness of its involvement inthe Singapore F1 night race #catch #connectMercedes created acustom <mobile> appthat revealed theclues behind wherefive Mercedes cars<location> werehidden. Users had tofind them and scanthe QR code on thehood in order tounlock the clues forthe next car.MeLoMoLocation MobileMedia
  22. 22. Bonus Case Study: Vibease
  23. 23. Case Study: Vibease23While not strictly a MeLoMo, the unique waycommunications is structured between two entities isfetching #catch #continueVibease uses a<mobile> app toconnect two<media>, male andfemale, in intimatecommunications,with the expresspurpose ofmanipulating avibrator <location>MeLoMoLocation MobileMedia
  24. 24. 24Takeaways• The social in SoLoMo is better served by media mixmodeling for enhanced reach, amplification and creativity• Mobile is a bridge between the Zero Moment of Truth andthe First Moment of Truth as well as a disruptor in the latter• Identify where your business case lies along the path topurchase• Develop a custom MeLoMo solution to suit it
  25. 25. 25ContactsFor more information on theGongcha case study, contact:Bhagaban Beherabhagaban@noisestreet.com9187-2341For more information on theVibease case study,
  26. 26. 26ContactsEdvarcl Hengedvarcl@edvarcl.com