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TVX 2015 "Madness" Teaser



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Editor's Notes

  • I’m Brian from the Open University in the UK. My poster about Engaging viewers with election debates through interactive online replays presents ongoing research in the context of the Election Debate Visualisation project we’re doing in partnership with political communication scholars from the U. of Leeds. 
  • So, election debates are complex media events, especially as the number of candidates grows larger…
  • 7 in the last UK general election…
  • 8 in Brazil’s…
  • and 10 in a Republican Presidential primary in the US. 

    Making sense of what happens in these events is not at all trivial, which can lead to disengagement and lack of trust in political actors/processes.
  • So to make election debates more accessible and engaging, we’re taking the videos…
  • , together with other data like transcripts, audience feedback, the rules of engagement for the debate, tweets and other sources; on which we do in-depth analytics that produce visualisations that are synchronised to the debate video which we put in a hypermedia repository.

  • We then put together online interactive debate replays which show these visualisations as the video plays. 
  • For details and more, come see our poster!
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