4 Pillars of a Social Media Strategy


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4 Pillars of a Social Media Strategy

  1. 1. The Four Pillars of a Social Media Strategy eduWeb 2011 – San Antonio
  2. 2. Pillar #1 - Broadcasting
  3. 3. Where is your audience?
  4. 4. Ivy Tech ’ s Facebook Fans I’m going to Disney World!
  5. 5. Ivy Tech ’ s YouTube Channel
  6. 6. Ivy Tech ’ s Twitter Page
  7. 7. “ Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” ~ Sun Tzu quotes (Chinese General and Author, b.500 BC)
  8. 8. Create a sense of community & belonging Provide excellent customer service Communicate important messages Showcase students, faculty & staff Provide a sense of what we are about Extend the Ivy Tech brand (all social networking)
  9. 9. Communication plan Treat it like a Helpdesk Make friends and have fun! Content Strategy
  10. 10. Website Widgets Getting the Word Out … Lure them with free stuff! Taglines on all communications
  11. 11. Where else are you broadcasting? What are your goals? Ask the Audience…
  12. 12. Pillar #2 - Listening
  13. 14. Why Listen? Protect your brand Answer questions Make connections Find your audience
  14. 15. Listening Tools FacePinch Twitter Mentions BoardReader BlogPulse
  15. 16. School Name Nickname Abbreviations President Search Terms
  16. 17. Tread lightly Respect privacy Control inappropriate situations When to Respond
  17. 18. Are you using listening tools? How often do you comment? Ask the Audience…
  18. 19. Pillar #3 - Community Management
  19. 20. Community management includes: Moderation Maintenance Customer interaction Answering questions Message generation Coverage
  20. 21. Things you don ’ t want in a community manager:
  21. 22. Good Community Managers Good judgment Team player Networking skills Friendly Brand advocate Good listening & writing skills Strong customer service skills Dependable, honest & trustworthy Problem solver
  22. 23. Community Management Tools Website Knowledge base Document repository
  23. 24. Social Media never rests Evening and weekend coverage necessary Coverage Schedule
  24. 25. Moderator Guidelines When to respond Dealing with the negative When to take it offline When to delete (almost never!) How to write for social media
  25. 26. Who are your community managers? What are your coverage hours? Ask the Audience…
  26. 27. How will you measure success? Pillar #4 - Measurements/Analytics
  27. 28. Align social media goals with institutional strategic goals Establishing Goals
  28. 29. Insights Page Views User Wall Posts Post Impressions Post Feedback Post Likes Post Comments Total Likes New Likes Unlikes
  29. 30. Twitter Counter & TweetStats Questions & Answers Number of followers Number of mentions Tweet days and times
  30. 31. Insights Total Subscribers Total Views Most Popular Videos
  31. 32. Who is currently measuring social media? What are your goals? Ask the Audience…
  32. 33. Thank You! Michele Morrical-Hygema [email_address] Follow me: michelemorrical.wordpress.com @michelemorrical