nature of damage management chemical control plant pathology wilting entomology bioecology cultural control symptoms leaf blotch plant diseases vegetative reproduction pathogen honeydew secretion residues of pesticides enterpreneurship agribusiness venture capital mango banana high gate pride mondhan bombay green neelam kufri safed kufri red demerits of clonal selection merits of clonal selection multilocation trials preliminary yield trail mixtures of clones non floering species introduced variety local variety selection of clones first clone carrot clonol selection clones healthy buds floering shoots graft union upper portion of graft fruit trees labelling of bags putting of scion in bags cutting of scion secateurs true to type high yielding vigorous vegetative material rootstocks budding storage of scion preparation of scion scion material grafting ethrel supplementary pollination easily applicable not mutagenic maleic hydrazide pollenocide pollen suppressants male gametocides transgenic male sterility cytoplasmic genetic male steri cutoplasmic male sterility stigma exertion cross pollination chemical emasculation synchronisation hybrid seed production chemical male sterility genotypic sterility phenotypic male sterility male sterility nematodes leaf hoppers thrips whiteflies aphids head rot root rot damping off prevention vector borne major diseases chemical application soil solarization soil amendments tillage practices crop rotation soil drainage soil borne diseases protection clarify juices plate and frame filter principle of filtration mechanism of filtration filter medium filter aids air filter centrifugal filter rotary filter membrane filtration reverse osmosis nanofiltration ultrafiltration microfiltration surface filters depth filters filtratre filter cake types of filtration filtration paddy straw mountage chandrika antwell silkworm cleaning nets mountages feeding stands mats feather chopping board and knife leaf chamber leaf basket chopsticks rearing trays rearing stand rearing appliances rearing house rearing equipment sericulture rearing of sikworm new plants in new areas new weeds hybridisation improved variety variety devlopment demerits of introduction merits of plant introduction farmers field seed companies gene sanctuaries gene banks new plant species new crop varities indirect introduction direct introduction secondary introduction primary introduction types of plant introduction introducing crop plants plant introduction soil fertility slaughter wastes fertilizers rice straw city garbage rhizobium fym oilcake chemical fertilizers legumes organic manures biofertilizer green manure vermicompost compost animal wastes plant residue nutrient management ipns inm ragi pest carbaryl adult aphid attack suck sap from root nymphal instars symptom of damage sasaki pale yellow stunted black ants drying suck the sap root aphid finger millet pest coleoptera eggplants cabbage broccoli radishes shallowpits symptom of flea beetle shotholes irregular holes feed on the roots bite holes haltikos good jumpers agrl entomology flea beetle pest of sunhemp pest of daincha medium sized butterfly oviposition yellow colour larva catosilia pyranthe pieridae foliar health defoliation of leaves feeds on leaves damage butterfly pupal stage larval instar mottled emigrant pest of fabaceae crops agricultural entomology entomopathogens black aphid water soaked lesions mancozeb yellow coloured leaves parallel streaks chlorosis chenthal infected leaves mosaic disease marble katte diseases cardamom diseases cardamom sporangia myecelium concentric rings lesions pathogenic character epidemiology bulls eye irish famine black scruf early blight late blight diseases of potato fungal diseases plant pathogens fleshly modified stem potato tuber strawberry aerial stems modified leaves propagating material underground roots underground stem tubers bulbs corms pseudobulbs rhizomes offsets crown suckers runners specialized structures plant propagation cumbu rust fungal spores disease cycle yield loss spores fungicides managements plant diseaes alternate host cumbu smut sugary diseases ergot green ear downy mildew diseases of bajra bajra processed foods parent organisational codex alimentarius commission marine products milk fruits and vegetables jecfa food labelling veterinary drugs food additives food hygiene food trade international food laws codex standards food law consumer health who fao food standards new product new knowledge sucess stories innovate corporation grants passion technological innovation process innovation marketing innovation product innovation implementation invention creativity knowledge management innovation ideas support farmers food production agriculture policies capital formation objectives of price policy food security effects of price policy drawbacks of price policy agriculture advantages of agri price polic types of price policy government bufferstock pds public distribution system procurement prices msp minimum support prices agricultural price policies agricultural prics agribusiness development partnership individual agrigraduates business innovations enterpreneur companies agripreneurs financial services sfac vc assistance scheme schemes by goverment smallbusiness stages of vc purpose of vc venture capital financing
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