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The Recovery of Higher Education Philanthropy


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Eduventures Principal Analyst Cara Quackenbush discusses five signs that 2013 will be the year that higher education philanthropy finally recovers from the recession.

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The Recovery of Higher Education Philanthropy

  1. 1. The Recovery of Higher Education Philanthropy Five reasons why 2013 will be the year colleges and universities finally rebound from the recession
  2. 2. Following a painful drop in 2009 and 2010, highereducation philanthropy is on a positive trajectory. Source: Council for Aid to Education, Voluntary Support of Education Survey; Giving USA, Annual Report on Philanthropy, 2011
  3. 3. Million dollar gifts are back, growing significantly since 2010. Total Number of $1M+ Gifts, 2006-2012 506 460 379 404 375 284 231 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012Source: Chronicle of Philanthropy, America’s Top Donors
  4. 4. The largest driver of million-dollar gifts – the stockmarket – has rebounded. In July 2012, the Dow Jones closed up 100% from its bottom in March 2009. Source: Center for Philanthropy, Million Dollar List
  5. 5. The tax environment is encouraging giving for the following reasons: •  Charitable  deduc.on  rates  (and  the  corresponding  tax  rates)  were  raised   on  high-­‐income  earners,  providing  more  incen7ve  to  give  to  charity  in   2013    •  The  IRA  charitable  rollover  returns.    Good  news  for  the  growing  number   of  our  more  “seasoned”  donors  who  like  making  tax-­‐free  giEs  directly   from  the  IRA,  in  a  surprise  addi7on  to  the  ATRA  legisla7on  these  giEs   have  been  extended  through  Dec.  31,  2013.    •  Estate  tax  deduc.on  changes.  Permanent  extension  of  the  estate  tax,   exemp7ng  the  first  $5  million  of  an  estate  and  taxing  the  remainder  at  a   40%  rate,  indexed  for  infla7on.        
  6. 6. Unemployment, and other economic concerns, are becoming less of a factor. Unemployed, Looking for Work 7.8%   4%   3%   2%   Current  Donor   Lapsed  Donor   Long-­‐Lapsed  Donor   Na7onal  Unemployment   Rate  Source: Eduventures Alumni Pulse Survey: Trending Drivers of Higher Education Philanthropy 2013
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