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One Stop Shops: Six Institutions Pushing the Student Services Envelope


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A collection of examples from colleges and universities that have developed a One Stop Shop on their campus.

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One Stop Shops: Six Institutions Pushing the Student Services Envelope

  1. 1. One Stop Shops: Six Institutions Pushing The Student Services Envelope
  2. 2. The University of Minnesota’s innovative One Stop Student Services Center has earned an impressive 98% satisfaction rate from students for its holistic problem-solving approach.
  3. 3. When the University of Tennessee Knoxville launched its One Stop in June 2013, one student remarked “Finally, my tuition dollars at work!”
  4. 4. The University of Alaska Anchorage launched its One Stop in 2002. The result? “Long gone are the days when a student comes to the University, only to stand in line and be shuffled from one department to another.”
  5. 5. McGill University’s “Service Point” humanized the approach to service by integrating with the big picture view of the student life cycle.
  6. 6. The University of San Diego has made customer service its top priority. “Now students come to our One Stop to review their bill, their financial aid, their registration, order a transcript, and many other functions.”
  7. 7. At Pepperdine University “One Stop is more than a place…it’s a philosophy.” Faculty no longer need to spend time helping students navigate “the labyrinth” and can focus on teaching and research.
  8. 8. Want more? View a complimentary recording of our webinar about One Stop Shop Student Services at