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  1. 1. TGW 3 Teachers’ Professional Development
  2. 2. TWG3: Issues for discussion • Shared vision about the role of ICT in education • Engaging more teachers in PLC • Close the gap research and practice • Effective models for TPD • Including Teachers’ Educators in the scheme of TPD • Leadership and management conditions for TPD
  3. 3. Shared Vision of Leadership Top-Down Vs. Bottom-up Research vs. Practice TPD Focus of discussion: ICT or the rest of Curriculum? CoPs Include researchers/teacher educators/parents/students Costs of TPD Adequate Research models
  4. 4. TWG3: Needs • What works and what does not work in TPD? –What is effective in TPD (models/processes)? –Who are the key actors? –Which are the appropriate environments? –Which are the professional standards?