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TWG 4 our working group’s 3 best ideas of the whole summit

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TWG 4 our working group’s 3 best ideas of the whole summit

  1. 1. Our working group’s 3 best ideas of the whole summit  The Needs for Digital Equity and Intercultural Education!
  2. 2. 1. Infrastructure for equitable access to essential technology resources • Greatly improved access to broadband and digital educational content • Equally improved access to educators skilled in using these resources for teaching and learning • Use of community resource centers to improve access in remote areas • Foster habit of mind among educators to know why and how to use online research databases to locate best practices keyed to student learning
  3. 3. 2. Multilingual and multiculutral resources • More widespread opportunities for indigenous peoples to develop their own culturally responsive digital educational resources • Better awareness and use of multilingual open educational resources
  4. 4. Systemic approach to pedagogy • Need to strengthen preparation of future educators to model not just good uses of technology but, more fundamentally, research- based • Need policies that require and urge faculty to themselves model best pedagogy • Need more wider awareness of videos of exemplary classroom practice (e.g., • Better use of school time to collaborate, critique one another’s pedagogy