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Ukoln Streaming Summing Up


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A summary of our experiences trying to video stream UKOLN's blogs and social networks event.

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Ukoln Streaming Summing Up

  1. 1. UKOLN Blogs and social networks workshop streaming what did we learn?
  2. 2. aims… stream talks onto the Web and into Second Life and try to get some level of engagement between the different audiences
  3. 3. cheaply
  4. 9. arghhh… bandwidth
  5. 12. cons… no bandwidth for uploading video stream audio stream worked ok but need to be prepared no interaction between audiences (e.g. breakout sessions)
  6. 13. pros… in-world experience generally +ve good audience feel good interaction between SL and Moodle in-world slides clear for SL delegates
  7. 14. conclusions this kind of technology is definitely within reach (at low cost) audio streaming combined with slides is probably good enough?? but need to have good understanding of the network enviroment