Usability workshop: the good, the bad and the ugly


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Tom Edmonds, Eduserv, and Mark Williams, JISC Collections, explore the different user journeys and the challenges these present both for publishers as well as end users.

This workshop was presented at UKSG '13 on Monday 8 April at the Bournemouth International Centre.

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Usability workshop: the good, the bad and the ugly

  1. 1. Usability workshopThe good, the bad, and the ugly…Mark Williams, JISC CollectionsTom Edmonds, OpenAthens
  2. 2. The problemDiscoveryrouteLocationVLE link(via Athens orFederationCDS)Wayflessurl“googlediscovery”BespokepublisherpageEmailedlinkAppOn campusvia VLELikely route Likely route Less likely oncampusEasy ifsignposted inVLESSO probablypreviouslyachievedOn Campusvia BYODPossibleroute but farfrom certainPossibleroute if usinglocation wifiVery likelyrouteCausesproblems asuser cantfind loginpage.OK tonavigatebutprevious SSOunlikelyLikely route,but deviceneedsaccountlinkingforusefulaccess.Easyon campus.Off Campusvia Mobilephone oripadVLE login lesslikely in‘casualbrowsing’situationUnlikely tobe used asuser notalready SSO.FederationCDS (WAYF)difficulttonavigateCausesproblems asuser cantfind loginpage.Requireslogin journeyto beprogressive& not‘bounce’ userto startLikely route,but deviceneedsaccountlinkingforusefulaccess.Difficulttodo on mobiledevice offcampus
  3. 3. Complex landscape for publishersAhhh…• Compromise between sales, marketing, user-journey• Native username & password• IP authentication• Multiple Federations• Different authentication protocols• Different interpretations of SAML Standard e.g.ACOnet v SWITCHaai
  4. 4. Student issues• Listen to them…
  5. 5. Student issuesLibrarian issues• Improved login processes on publisher websites andImproved authentication, access and discovery onmobile devices were given highest priority in 2013 JISCCollections HE /FE satisfaction survey• Listen to them…
  6. 6. Examples (x6)• Institutional menu/home page• Emailed a link from a mobile device• SP home page - poor site• SP home page – good site• Federated search• Google at home
  7. 7. Good home page
  8. 8. Good home page
  9. 9. Good home page
  10. 10. Good home page
  11. 11. Mobile Discovery
  12. 12. A mobile journey
  13. 13. One mobile screen - scrolled
  14. 14. Next mobile screens
  15. 15. Finally a “discovery screen"We all do Discovery a little differently• Federation CDS• OpenAthens login• Own Publisher CDS• Scroll v type ahead
  16. 16. But where‟s my article?Seriously- where is it!• Maybe if I reopen my mobilebrowser?
  17. 17. A pity because• It‟s a good article• Nicely formatted• Scales well in a variety of devices• Makes a mobile a great reading tool• IF user can get access!• Failed the cream egg test!
  18. 18. Direct access on publisher site - poor access
  19. 19. Direct access on publisher site
  20. 20. Direct access on publisher site
  21. 21. Direct access on publisher site
  22. 22. Direct access on publisher site
  23. 23. Direct access on publisher site
  24. 24. Direct access on publisher siteSelected OpenAthens FederationWhere‟s my university?
  25. 25. Direct access on publisher siteSelected UK Access ManagementFederationHere‟s my university!
  26. 26. Direct access on publisher site… select organisationHelpful login text?Forgotten passwordlink?Contact us link?
  27. 27. Direct access on publisher site… select organisationMore helpful logintext…
  28. 28. Direct access on publisher site… select organisationHelpful login page
  29. 29. Good home page – REFEDS advice
  30. 30. Login
  31. 31. Discovery
  32. 32. Convenience
  33. 33. Confidence
  34. 34. Federated search
  35. 35. 35Federated search – commercial e-Library example• Customers with different access rights – researchersin electro-magnetics v bio-technology group.• Patron goes to e-Library homepage– Get a customized homepage with accessible links only.• In selected databases each record has a linkthat leads to :a) Full text (Open URL)b) Web search (Google)c) Document delivery with a completed request form
  36. 36. 36Commercial e-LibraryUser has a choice of going into a• Journals A-Z search, or• Straight into service, such as:• Google scholar• PubMed• Web of Knowledge• Ilumin8, etc.
  37. 37. Regardless of search adopted (A-Z, or direct service),results displayed with an embedded & „customised‟ linkto take user to full textCommercial e-Library
  38. 38. Internet search (Google)
  39. 39. Google from home• Can the login page be found via Google?– “Bespoke” institutional urls cause problems if onlyaccess is via:– Use of Real estate – How many of your customers arePay per view?– Login looking like fishing?– Good WAYF!– Use of MDUI
  40. 40. Conclusions - references• Login Demonstrator:• NISO Guidelines:• User Behaviour in Resource Discovery (UBiRD):• Mobile Authentication article: