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The Molly Project & Mobile Oxford


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A lightning talk given at the Eduserv Symposium 2010: The Mobile University by Tim Fernando of the University of Oxford.

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The Molly Project & Mobile Oxford

  1. 1. The Molly Project & Mobile Oxford Tim Fernando, Project Manager, Mobile Oxford Architect, The Molly Project Eduserv Symposium 13 May 2010 #esym10 #mobileox #mollyproj
  2. 2. Intentionally left blank
  3. 3. Project Erewhon - 18th Month JISC Institutional Innovation Project at the University of Oxford
  4. 4. Designed to work on *any* web capable phone it automatically makes best use of each device’s capabilities
  5. 5. Accessible and Inclusive
  6. 6. Open Source Academic Free Licence v3
  7. 7. No Lockin Longevity Low Risk
  8. 8.
  9. 9. MAPS Multiple geo sources, Open Street Map, Google, HTML5 etc
  10. 10. CONTACTS via LDAP,
  11. 11. LIBRARY SEARCH Z39.50 (library protocol), OpenStreetMap, 3rd Party GIS
  12. 12. Universal Search Regex pattern matching for ISBNs, Bus Stops and interfaces with our Google Search Appliance.
  13. 13. Realtime Information
  14. 14. Much more to come! Entirely RESTful, so it’s but a matter of time before we have native apps which can connect to the system.
  15. 15. Vote No! to licence fees!
  16. 16. interested? Molly Project @mollyproj Mobile Oxford @mobileox @timfernando Mobile Oxford