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Update on Raptor - understanding usage information for e-resources - Dr Rhys Smith


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Raptor is a free to use, open source software suite generally designed to enable accounting within event-based systems, and specifically aimed at accounting within systems that handle authentication events such as the Shibboleth IdP, OpenAthens LA, and EZproxy. It has been developed by Cardiff University with support from JISC. This session will give an update on Raptor, including talking about the UK federation Raptor aggregator for federation-wide statistics.

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Update on Raptor - understanding usage information for e-resources - Dr Rhys Smith

  1. 1. Raptor updateRhys SmithJanet & Cardiff University
  2. 2. Introduction to RaptorRaptor is:• Generic log-file parser for AuthN systems• A single point to view usage information for AuthN systems• Hierarchical in natureRaptor was:• Funded by JISC in the UK• Built by Cardiff University• Released (v1.0) in 2011
  3. 3. Why Raptor?Institutions have a multiple AuthN systems• E.g. Shibboleth IdP, OpenAthens, simpleSAMLphp, FreeRADIUS, Radiator, EZProxy, etc etcInstitutions need:• To see who is using what resourcesFederations need:• To prove value for money
  4. 4. Main goals of RaptorEasy to install / configure• Not intrusive to existing systemsWeb front-end for non technical users• E.g. LibrariansStandards based, free to use, open source• Built in Java• Apache2 licensed
  5. 5. Systems SupportedCurrently (as of v1.1)• Shibboleth IdP (v1.x and v2.x)• Shibboleth SP (<=v2.4)• EZproxyComing soon(ish):• FreeRADIUS• simpleSAMLphp• OpenAthens LA• OpenAthens Proxy• JUSP statistics
  6. 6. Raptor available forWindows (via MSIs)Linux (via yum repository)Anything else via source
  7. 7. Raptor ComponentsClient• ICA (Information Collector Agents) • Java log-file parser • Sits alongside the service to monitor • Passes events to MUAServer• MUA (Multi Unit Aggregator) • Java front-end to event database • Can pass events to another MUA• Web • Java servlet, connects to MUA and allows user to interact with events
  8. 8. Easy to InstallIf• Single Machine, currently running Shib IdP in default locationThen – Linux:• Add yum repository• “yum install raptor-all”Then – Windows:• Run MSI installer (Raptor-All)And… that’s it.
  9. 9. Raptor for…Institutions• Need for statistical usage information • Make budgetary decisions • Increased business intelligence • Potential for helping detect problemsFederations• Need to demonstrate value for money to funders
  10. 10. UK federation AggregatorHave been piloting with 5 institutions• All working wellPlease join!• Easy to configure (takes just a few minutes)• All information aggregated is anonymised (usernames hashed, etc)Why should you take part?• Helping the UK federation prove value for money will help us continue making the case for the existence of the UK federationContact me…
  11. 11. Raptor Developers WorkshopWorkshop for those interested in:• Extending Raptor for custom events• Understanding Raptor technicalities in more detailWhere/When• JISC’s offices in London (Brettenham House)• Mon Dec 10th 2012 10:30->15:30
  12. 12. WugenComing soon to a server near you…• WAYFless URL Generator (WUGEN)•• Choose your IdP & SP, choose a target, generates the URL for you• Can automatically email you when a “better” one comes along
  13. 13. THANK YOUJanet, Lumen HouseLibrary Avenue, Harwell OxfordDidcot, Oxfordshiret: +44 (0) 1235 822200f: +44 (0) 1235 822399e: