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Product Development Update


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David Evans, Eduserv; presentation given at the OpenAthens seminar: Work smarter not harder with FAM. March 2011

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Product Development Update

  1. 1. Product Development Update<br /> Work smarter not harder…March 2011<br /> David EvansHead of Development and Support<br />
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  4. 4. OpenAthens LA v2.1<br />Windows installer and setup wizards<br />Additional virtualised appliances<br />Enhanced security features<br />True single sign-on.<br />
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  6. 6. OpenAthens SP v2.0<br />Wizard based setup<br />Hosted configuration console<br />Automatic software updates<br />Microsoft .NET platform.<br />
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  9. 9. OpenAthensToday<br />Support<br />Consultancy<br />Account<br />activation<br />Account<br />expiry<br />Account monitoring<br />Bulk-upload<br />Self-registration<br />Statistics and Reporting<br />SSO<br />Identity Management<br />Access<br />Management<br />High availability<br />Protocols<br />Service Provider<br />Identity Provider<br />
  10. 10. Shibboleth, SimpleSAMLphp and Guanxi<br />Not a protocol nor a standard<br />An implementation of the SAML standards<br />Access<br />Management<br />SAML Protocol<br />Service Provider<br />Identity Provider<br />
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  13. 13. OpenAthens LA v2.2<br />OpenAthens LA v2.1<br />OpenAthens LA for SPs<br />OpenAthens LA Proxy Module<br />OpenAthens SP v2.0<br />OpenAthens SP v2.1<br />OpenAthensMD All Resources<br />OpenAthens Alumna<br />Major Projects<br />OpenAthens Website<br />OpenAthens Wiki<br />OpenAthens Public Forums<br />OpenAthens Mobile Application<br />OpenAthens Federated Statistics<br />Project Monteverde<br />Data Centre Migration<br />Database Migration – Phase 2<br />OpenAthens MD Cache Upgrade<br />OpenAthens MD Virtualisation<br />Enhancement Requests – Package 1<br />Service Improvement<br />Administration Area Refresh<br />Migrate All Resources Page<br />NHS Enhancements<br />OpenAthens International Architecture<br />OpenAthensLite Administration<br />Customer Specific<br />OpenAthens Toolbar<br />OpenAthens International Federation<br />OpenAthens Healthcare Federation<br />Jul<br />Sep<br />Feb<br />Apr<br />Jun<br />Oct<br />Oct<br />Nov<br />Dec<br />Jan<br />Sep<br />Dec<br />Aug<br />Aug<br />Nov<br />May<br />Mar<br />