OpenAthens for alumni access


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Learn how OpenAthens can provide authentication for your alumni to access your online subscriptions remotely.

- Offer your alumni one username and password for all your subscribed resources.
- Hosted solution with bulk upload - no need to connect to your Active Directory or involve your IT team.
- Use permission sets to specify which resources your alumni can access.

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OpenAthens for alumni access

  1. 1. OpenAthens & Alumni Adam Snook – OpenAthens Technical Consultant Robert Scaysbrook – OpenAthens Account Manager
  2. 2. Who are we? Eduserv • Not-for-profit IT services company • Web hosting, Web development, Chest Agreements & OpenAthens • Based in Bath, began life at University of Bath in 1994 • Employ around 120 people • Provider of Athens since 1996
  3. 3. • Over 4 million user accounts from thousands of organisations worldwide • Trusted by the NHS, Open University, US Veterans Association • 58% of UK HE sector use OpenAthens to access e-resources OpenAthens
  4. 4. The context for our products • Libraries subscribing to electronic resources • With on and off-site access required • Users need to be identified as subscribers OpenAthens avoids • Librarians managing username & password lists for all users • Or relying on IT departments to provide proxy services or VPN access
  5. 5. What is OpenAthens? • Identity and Access Management system offering single sign-on • OpenAthens MD – Managed Directory • OpenAthens LA – Local Authentication • Completely independent of IP • OpenAthens includes the MyAthens user portal
  6. 6. Using OpenAthens to manage Alumni access • Identify your Alumni • Define your Alumni within OpenAthens • Configure Alumni specific access • Manage your subscriptions
  7. 7. UK Federation attributes Courtesy of:
  8. 8. Configuring OpenAthens MD
  9. 9. The Alternative method – Multiple MD organisations
  10. 10. Configuring OpenAthens LA
  11. 11. The Alternative method – Multiple LA instances
  12. 12. Thank You