OpenAthens: A look ahead - David Orrell


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OpenAthens: A look ahead - David Orrell

  1. 1. OpenAthens: A look ahead FAM11, November 2011 David Orrell, Eduserv
  2. 2. OverviewUpdate on OpenAthens LA 2.2Project Monteverde
  3. 3. What’s OpenAthens LA?Identity provider applianceLocally installedSupports SAML 1.1/2.0Web-based administration
  4. 4. Infrastructure User categories/group s/typesStatistics/auditin g Configuration versioning
  5. 5. What’s new in 2.2?Improved statisticsEmbedded proxyFaster provisioning and scaling via web-interface
  6. 6. OALA 2.2: What’s new
  7. 7. OALA 2.2: What’s new
  8. 8. OALA 2.2: What’s new
  9. 9. OpenAthens LA 2.2: Release scheduleNov 2011 Dec 2011 Jan 2012Pre-release Public Beta Release Generalw/c 21 Nov w/c 19 Dec Candidate availability w/c 16 Jan w/c 30 Jan
  10. 10. What’s Project Monteverde?Cloud-based federated IAM servicesNext generation OpenAthens MD o Identity Provider SaaSIntegration with other OpenAthens products
  11. 11. Eduserv UMF Cloud PilotNetwork o 10 Gbit/s connectivity onto JANET network backbone o Fully resilient core network with no single point of failureCompute o Initial deployment “pod” with 600 cores, 3 TB of RAM o Pod designed to scale to 3,000 cores, 30 TB of RAM o Can be used to deliver both vCloud and OpenStack servicesStorage o Initial deployment of ~250 TB of usable disk o Capable of scaling to >10 PB
  12. 12. Monteverde: Key features… Manage very large numbers of users via web Design appropriate schema No global namespace Not tied to any one federation APIs Reporting, auditing, diagnostics
  13. 13. Monteverde: Overview Account Service SSO lifecycle IdM UX providers User services Administration Users Search Federations Policies Auditing StatisticsAttributes Storage API (REST + JSON)
  14. 14. Monteverde Basic services: o Low barrier to entry o Self setup o Join a federation or add individual services o Web applications + API to manage your IdP Other services: o Host in your own domain o Setup assistance
  15. 15. Demonstation
  16. 16. Future workClosely watching Project MoonshotCloud integration for OpenAthens LAFederation manager
  17. 17.