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A guide to adopting cloud computing


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Is the cloud right for you?
Following the launch of our consultancy services we have put together a short guide to help you understand if cloud computing should be part of your IT strategy and how to implement it if it should.

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A guide to adopting cloud computing

  1. 1. Is cloud right for you?A guide to adopting cloud computing
  2. 2. What direction is your IT taking?• Is your business being driven to reduce costs?• Do you need agile IT resource to regularly provision and decommission multiple servers?
  3. 3. Consider your requirements• Does your IT estate require modernisation?• Does your data centre have capacity or upgrade issues?• Do you want to reduce your use of physical servers?
  4. 4. • Do you need to comply with CO2 emission targets?• Does your existing hosting lack committed SLAs?• Do you have CAPEX issues with new IT procurement?
  5. 5. • Does your website need to meet peaks in demand?• Do you need improved disaster recovery?• Can your business manage „pay-as-you-go‟ invoicing?
  6. 6. If you answered ‘yes’ to more than oneof those questions – then cloud canprobably benefit you.
  7. 7. Still not sure if cloud is right for you?Ask us about our Cloud Adoption Assessment Service.It‟s specially designed to:• Assess your current situation• Identify the risks, costs and benefits of moving to cloud• Produce a high level solution design with roadmap and timescales• Present our recommendations to your key stakeholders
  8. 8. “Ok, so I want to move to thecloud, where do I start?”Are your services, old and new, readyto run in the cloud?
  9. 9. Our Cloud Service Design will:• Summarise your business and functional requirements• Design a service that‟s aligned to your requirements• Include a high level implementation plan with timescales and costs• Feature a presentation to key stakeholders
  10. 10. Right let‟s do this!Migrating to cloud can be the hardest stepWe‟ll help create a detailed migration planAnd if you like it, we‟ll implement it!
  11. 11. Find out if cloud is right foryou, and how to get there if it