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Digital Transformation: Embracing the new digital reality


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Tim Cockle, Head of Digital Services at Eduserv, talks about embracing digital at the CharityComms Digital Transformation event. Tim looks at the drivers for digital transformation, the different forms of digital transformation and the journey to achieving true digital transformation within charities.

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Digital Transformation: Embracing the new digital reality

  1. 1. Embracing the new digital reality Tim Cockle Head of Digital Services
  2. 2. Question time What is your interest in digital transformation?
  3. 3. Question time We are actively engaging in digital transformation
  4. 4. We have an aspiration for digital transformation Question time
  5. 5. We need convincing about the need for digital transformation Question time
  6. 6. I like chatting with people and eating cake Question time
  7. 7. Scene Setting
  8. 8. You might not have noticed – Expectations are high! Making the most out of our time – and in the moment So… not just a large audience but one that behaves differently but mobiles are quite cool now…
  9. 9. TfL and utility companies opening up data to 3rd parties who enhance their service Find ways to improve the value of what you do through eco-systems – focus on your core specialism Eco-systems – operating differently When planning holidays it is common to use multiple aggregators and services Amazon created a platform (consolidated demand)
  10. 10. Discipline and collaboration – You get better results but it takes effort Lean – start small; learn from data and feedback Experimentation is fundamental – invest in learning something; don’t underestimate Agility – how to thrive the value in learning you were wrong
  11. 11. Framing digital transformation - where do you want to be?
  12. 12. Digital transformation can be BIG Transformation at an organisational level Changing what you invest in – Uber doesn’t own vehicles & Airbnb has no estate Changing how you operate internally and externally – fundamental different business models Changing the form of what you provide – An iPod was a device now it is a service
  13. 13. Digital transformation can beSMALL Transformation at a service level Changing how you deliver a service or product to customers – but everything else stays the same Focused effort on a particular issue or priority challenge However, can still deliver significant impact – for example cost savings through channel shift
  14. 14. Digital transformation can be Focusing on front end experience Customer engagement through context, personalisation and omnichannel strategy An area of growth and some mature thinking – still challenging but range of agencies who can support There are always quick wins
  15. 15. Digital extends into the backend and processes Cross functional change program needed to optimise around the customer Needs a greater range of skills and capabilities and arguable offers the greatest area of growth Digital transformation can be More likely to require a range of partners to support in any initiatives
  16. 16. Where are you coming from - What is driving you Are you a small young organisation – born to digital Are you responding to a threat (perceived or real) – digital for survival Are you focusing on improving your services – digital for growth
  17. 17. MaturityYour progress on a journey
  18. 18. More than your digital arsenal Culture – education all levels & share initiatives Organisation – process redesign, people & skills Technology – shared platforms, integration, robustness Metrics – consistent customer focus
  19. 19. Champions & Acceleration Teams – dedicated support for change Acceleration Teams: support change - Nestle, Renault, TUI Digital Champions: work within department to facilitate - several national charities Requires - senior support & funding
  20. 20. And that… - Transformation should mean lasting change - Transformation in itself is not the goal - It is about organisation change, today this means focusing on the customer So… Throughout the day frame the examples you hear – also remember we all have different starting points
  21. 21. Thanks& questions / comments