Bath Spa University OpenAthens LA case study


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Matt Durant, Bath Spa University’s Information Manager (Digital Resources), gives an institution-eye view of implementing OpenAthens LA 2.0.

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  • Hello everybody, I am delighted to see so many of you here. I wasn’t sure what to expect with the graveyard shift…
  • Small library team – 11 full time, 9 part time.
  • Quantify the amount of time spent on sorting out athens enquiriesAverage size (35,000fte) could likely spend…3 enquiries a day during quiet months, 20 during busy periods3100 enquiries a year = 258 hours a year.
  • Statistics available in 2.1? Better than ShibMoving from shib 1.3 to 2 – too much work for computingProject time – Shibboleth would have taken some time to set-up. There are only four members of staff in the server team, and they all have large projects that take priority. i.e upgrading the exchange server.Therefore we wouldn’t have been scheduled time by computing until the summer of 2010, leaving us just a small window before they move on to their ‘start of term’ priorities. How big is the computing dept? Get some stats on the size of the IT dept.
  • The original install was supplied by Eduserv developers, as we were using the BETA product. However the team now applies our own updates, recently bringing us up to the full release.
  • Librarians can use the admin console to change or modify access to new resources. Librarians maintain their control over access to the resources
  • Implications of switchingOpenAthens off
  • Bath Spa University OpenAthens LA case study

    1. 1. Matt Durant<br />OpenAthens LA 2.0 implementation<br />
    2. 2. Outline<br />Bath Spa University<br />Why single sign-on?<br />Improving the user experience<br />The project / decision making<br />Installation<br />Testing / results<br />The future…<br />Questions<br />
    3. 3. Bath Spa University<br />Approx 7,500 full time students<br />Additional students from partner colleges<br />OpenAthens / IP authentication to resources<br />59 Electronic resources (databases/ e-journal access)<br />Small Library team<br />
    4. 4. Why change?<br />Staff / Student drive for standardised access to University services.<br />Remove the amount of time spent administering Athens accounts, permission sets etc.<br />Increase the usage of our electronic services.<br />
    5. 5. ‘OpenAthens’<br />Central Bath, UK<br />Electronic Resources<br />“Athens?”<br />Academic search<br /> premier<br />Athens enquiries<br />ScienceDirect<br />JSTOR<br /><ul><li>Set-up self-reg accounts
    6. 6. Maintain the database of students
    7. 7. If Athens fails, our resources do too! </li></ul>Education Image<br /> Gallery<br /><ul><li>Has to set-up an account & remember details
    8. 8. Can’t understand why other services won’t work
    9. 9. Will not use our resources if log-in forgotten</li></ul>GEOBASE<br />
    10. 10. Project Shibboleth<br />Set-up February 2009<br />Discussing the possible transition from OpenAthens to Shibboleth<br />However…<br />February 2009: title changed to ‘single sign-on’ after Eduserv workshop<br />
    11. 11. Decision making<br />Computing not comfortable with ‘open source’ software<br />Shibboleth required research, a lot of project time<br />Eduserv offers support & product updates <br />No additional cost to our OpenAthens subscription.<br />Librarians & statistics!<br />
    12. 12. Installation<br />Quick install (one afternoon)<br />Server team applies updates<br />Virtualised Red Hat servers for run time console & admin console<br />Registered with Federation<br />Problems:<br />What shall we name our installation?<br />Forgot to set-up NTP<br />Attribute authority <br />
    13. 13. Testing<br />OCLC (GEOBASE): Only database that needed the system to be modified from 'out of the box'.<br />Log-in page was changed<br />Service provider confusion: “you already have Athens, what are you talking about?”<br />Email/Blog/Website promotion to users<br />
    14. 14. Results<br />43 out of 59 of our resources work directly with LA 2.0<br />Six others have to come through the OpenAthens Gateway<br />8 resources are IP only, do not allow Athens or via the UK Federation<br />Testing Spreadsheet<br />
    15. 15. Single sign-on<br />OpenAthens LA 2.0<br />Electronic Resources<br />Attributes<br />Academic search<br /> premier<br />Active directory database<br />Students only have to remember their Bath Spa username/ password<br />Administration is taken out of our hands – students have an account the moment they register<br />If the system fails we contact the IT dept to fix it! Centralised.<br />Inevitable increase of electronic resources usage<br />ScienceDirect<br />JSTOR<br />Library WebPages<br />Education Image<br /> Gallery<br />Education Image<br /> Gallery<br />GEOBASE<br />
    16. 16. Future?<br />Go live, early April <br />Refworks<br />Fresh marketing campaign<br />LA 2.0 / Proxy hybrid solution<br />Join the University “Hub” project<br />
    17. 17. Questions?<br /><br />01225 875477<br />Twitter: @durtante<br />