Credit Risk FRM Part II


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Considering Necessary Details For Credit Risk FRM Part II.For more information on this video, and to sign-up for our 10-day Free CFA Course click here:-
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Credit Risk FRM Part II

  1. 1. Pristine FRM and PRM Exam : Analysis 2011
  2. 2. Agenda • About Pristine • FRM and PRM Exams • Resources • Overall Exam Analysis • Analysis of Quantitative Analysis • Analysis of Market Products • FAQs • Contact Us • Pristine FRM Offering© Neev Knowledge Management – Pristine 2
  3. 3. About Pristine Finance trainings for individuals/corporate/colleges - Authorized training providers for prestigious Trainings for international certifications like CFA*, FRM, PRM, CFP* International etc. Certifications - Pan India class-room trainings and web-based live online trainings for international students - Advanced training in financial modeling, valuation, risk, Corporate Pristine etc. to large corporate clients like HSBC, CSFB, IDBI, Trainings Mizuho Bank etc. - Own certification programs in financial modeling, Pristine finance training for corporate lawyers, risk Certifications management etc. - Certification programs in Equity Research, Derivatives being launched© Neev Knowledge Management – Pristine 3
  4. 4. Pristine Offerings Course Classroom Online Content Crash Course/ Hours of Accreditation Price Trainings Trainings Mock Test training CFA Level I All* + Singapore Yes Original Yes 100 CFA Institute USD 595; INR 17,950 CFA Level II Mumbai, Delhi Yes Original Yes 100 CFA Institute USD 595; INR 16,950 FRM Level I All + Singapore Yes Original Yes 75 GARP USD 495; INR 12,950 FRM Level II Mumbai Yes Original Yes 60 GARP USD 495, INR 10,000 PRM All + Singapore Yes Original Yes 135 PRMIA USD 795, INR 20,000 APRM Corporate Yes Original Yes 80 PRMIA INR 10,000 Financial Mumbai, Delhi, Yes Original NA 50 - INR 10,000 Modeling Bangalore, Pune, Hyd, Chennai Finance for Mumbai No Original NA 50 - INR 45,000 Lawyers CFP Mumbai, Delhi Yes Original NA 120 Under Process INR 20,000 *All cities include Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore, Pune and Hyderabad ;© Neev Knowledge Management – Pristine 4
  5. 5. Key Authorization CFA Institute (2010-11) GARP (2007-11) Authorized Training provider – CFA Authorized Training provider -FRM Pristine is now the authorized training provider Largest player in India in the area of risk for CFA Exam trainings . Pristine is largest management training. Trained 1000+ students training provider for CFA in India with presence in risk management across seven major cities. PRMIA (2009-11) FPSB India (2010-11) Authorized Training provider – PRM/ APRM Authorized Training provider -CFP Sole authorized training for PRM Training in An authorized Education Provider for India. Largest player in India in the area of risk Chartered Financial Planner Charter. management training. Trained 1000+ students in risk management© Neev Knowledge Management – Pristine 5
  6. 6. Key Associations* J. P. Morgan (2010) Mizuho (2010) Financial Modeling in Financial Modeling in Ernst & Young (2010) Bank Of America Excel Excel Real Estate Modeling Continuum Solutions Bankers were using excel The Real Assets Group Senior Associates were (2010) models that they could were trained in Excel for trained on building Finance for Finance infrastructure and real- not understand. valuation models for real Associates were trained on estate modeling Conducted financial estate valuation and mergers modeling in Excel and acquisitions trainings to bridge the gap ING Vyasa (2010) Franklin Templeton Credit-Suisse India (2009) HSBC (2008) Infrastructure & Project CFA (2010) Risk Management and Quant. Risk Management and Quant. Finance Students were facing a gap in Analysis Analysis Bankers were trained on the overall understanding of IT Professionals of Credit- New joinees in HSBC had a gap in making integrated finance topics like corporate Suisse India were trained on knowledge of Risk Management models for project finance, FSA and valuation. risk management. and quantitative skills. Conducted finance and Provided training for over 100 trainings (On campus) to bridge the infrastructure. hours to bridge the gap gap *Indicative List© Neev Knowledge Management – Pristine 6
  7. 7. …Key Associations NISM (2008-11) NUS Business School (2011) IIM Calcutta (2010-11) FMS Delhi (2010-11) Derivatives in Hedging (2008) Financial Modeling in Excel Financial Modeling in Excel Financial Modeling in Excel Financial Modeling (2011) Second year MBA students were Students about to go for Final Year MBA students of Faculty internships and join jobs found a of Management Studies, Delhi Corporate in Ludhiana incurred huge given a full 2-day workshop on gap in their grasp of knowledge of University were trained in financial losses because of derivative trades creating financial models. They excel for financial modeling. modeling so as to prepare them (for hedging). Conducted trainings learnt how to create integrated Conducted training for 75+ better for a job in finance. for directors and CFOs for better models of valuation. students with an average rating of understanding of derivative products 4.5+ IIT Delhi (2009) BITS Pilani (2009) IEMR Delhi (2010-11) SIMSREE (2010) Corporate finance Workshops on Basics of Financial Modeling in Excel Students get placed in finance Finance Final Year MBA students of Final Year MBA students of IEMR Sydenham MBA, Mumbai were companies (UBS, GS, MS, etc) Most of the students desire a went through extensive financial trained in financial modeling so as with no understanding of the career in finance. Conducted modeling workshop to acquire skills to prepare them better for a job in subject/ Job Profile. Conducted training for 350+ students with of financial modeling. finance. workshop to bridge the gap an average rating of 4.5+7 © Neev Knowledge Management Pvt.Ltd.-
  8. 8. Most Importantly.. Largest Authorized FRM Course Provider in India Trains 600+ FRM Aspirants each year© Neev Knowledge Management – Pristine 8
  9. 9. About Pristine • Founded by professionals and alumnus of Standard Chartered, Goldman Sachs, Reliance Private Equity, SBI, Accenture, IBM and CRISIL, IIM, IIT and SIBM. • Last Year Results: Have delivered trainings to more than 4,500+ candidates in last four years with a success rate of 65% to 85% for various batches for CFA/ PRM/FRM exams. • Training centers: in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad, Chennai, Singapore & Online. • Faculty : FRM/PRM Certified or working professional with significant experience in Finance industry with education background of IIT/IIMs. • Provided FRM/PRM Online trainings to 350+ professionals from US, Europe, Middle East, Asia Pacific, Africa and Australia.© Neev Knowledge Management – Pristine 9
  10. 10. Agenda • About Pristine • FRM and PRM Exams • Resources • Overall Exam Analysis • Analysis of Quantitative Analysis • Analysis of Market Products • FAQs • Contact Us • Pristine FRM Offering© Neev Knowledge Management – Pristine 10
  11. 11. FRM – Eligibility • Minimum Eligibility – FRM Part I exam : Even an undergraduate can appear for FRM Part I exam. – FRM Part II exam : you should have cleared FRM Part I exam. • FRM Certificate Requirements – In order to be certified as a Financial Risk Manager (FRM®) and be able to use the FRM acronym after your name, the following is required: • A passing score in the FRM Part I and Part II Exams • Active Fellow membership in the Global Association of Risk Professionals • A minimum of two years experience in the area of financial risk management or another related field including, but not limited to, trading, portfolio management, academic or industry research, economics, auditing, risk consulting, and/or risk technology • About the Exam – Administered by GARP Institute, USA – Minimum time to pass the two exams: 6 months – Average time: 1 year • Benefits of FRM® designation – Lucrative career options in Risk Management, Trading, Structuring, Modeling, etc. FRM holders have positions such as Chief Risk Officer, Senior Risk Analyst, Head of Operational Risk, and Director, Investment Risk Management, to name a few. – Strong value addition to your skills, credentials and resume – Complete coverage of risk management concepts© Neev Knowledge Management – Pristine 11
  12. 12. FRM : Exam pattern – Each Part is 4 hours exam ( Two sessions of 2 hrs each) • 100 multiple choice question exam for both Part I • 80 multiple choice questions for Part II • Necessary to Pass Part I before evaluation of Part II • Both the parts are held in May and November . • Part I topics , test weights and question allocation is as follows: – Foundations of Risk Management 20% 20 questions – Quantitative Analysis 20% 20 questions – Financial Markets and Products 30% 30 questions – Valuation and Risk Models 30% 30 questions The exam is a percentile based exam and there is a sectional cut-off for all the subjects, thus its necessary to pass in all the subjects separately and clear the cutoff overall as well.© Neev Knowledge Management – Pristine 12
  13. 13. FRM Exam Dates, Centers & Fees • Exam Dates – FRM Lev I & Lev II exam : 3rd Saturday of May & November month every year. • Exam Centers – Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore , Hyderabad, Calicut & Kolkata. • Fees Part I – For November Exam • Early Registration Fees : Dec. 1, 2010 - July 31, 2011 : $650 • Standard Registration Fees : Aug. 1 - Aug. 31, 2011 : $775 • Late Registration Fees: Sept. 1 - Oct. 15, 2011: $950 Part II –For November Exam • Early Registration Fees : Dec. 1, 2010 - July 31, 2011 : $350 • Standard Registration Fees : Aug. 1 - Aug. 31, 2011 : $475 • Late Registration Fees: Sept. 1 - Oct. 15, 2011: $650© Neev Knowledge Management – Pristine 13
  14. 14. FRM Exam Curriculum Subjects Weightage Quantitative Analysis 20% Financial Market & Products 30% Valuation & Risk Models Portfolio Theory & Performance measurement 30% 20% Part I Market Risk Measurement & Management 25% Credit Risk Measurement & Management 25% Current Issues in financial markets 10% Operational & Integrated risk Management 25% Part II Risk Management & Investment management 15%© Neev Knowledge Management – Pristine 14
  15. 15. PRM Exam Exam I Finance Theory, Financial Instruments and Markets (120 minutes) Exam II Mathematical Foundations of Risk Measurement (120 minutes) Exam III Risk Management Practices (90 minutes) Exam IV Case Studies, PRMIA Standards of Best Practice, Conduct and Ethics, Bylaws (60 minutes) • The exams are computer-based and the Any one Exam USD 195 questions are all multiple choice. • Extremely Flexible - Can take PRM exams any Full PRM Exam USD 500 business day of the year and in any order • Passing marks 60% for each exam© Neev Knowledge Management – Pristine
  16. 16. FRM vs PRM FRM PRM Conducted by GARP ( PRMIA ( Fee (Indicative and Overall) $1000 - 1350 $500-800 Pass rate ~60% ~50% Incepted since 1997 2002 Parts/ Parts 2 4 Exam Dates May/ Nov Any day Flexibility in giving Exam Either both in the same month or Either all modules on different months same day or on different days Scheduling of Parts/ Part I has to be cleared before Any order modules attempting the Part II Course Structure 65% same as PRM 65% same as FRM Kind of Questions Asked Case based long questions, Conceptual questions requiring calculations Pristine Official Course Yes Yes Provider-ship© Neev Knowledge Management – Pristine
  17. 17. Agenda • About Pristine • FRM and PRM Exams • Resources • Overall Exam Analysis • Analysis of Quantitative Analysis • Analysis of Market Products • FAQs • Contact Us • Pristine FRM Offering© Neev Knowledge Management – Pristine 17
  18. 18. FRM Exam – Resources • Core Reading : Approx 4000 Pages • FRM Phillip Jorian Hand Book : 800 Pages • Options Futures and Other Derivatives : 700 Pages • Must haves – GARP AIMS – FRM Practice Papers – Last year exam papers Focused Study is the order of the Day© Neev Knowledge Management – Pristine 18
  19. 19. Agenda • About Pristine • FRM and PRM Exams • Resources • Overall Exam Analysis • Analysis of Quantitative Analysis • Analysis of Market Products • FAQs • Contact Us • Pristine FRM Offering© Neev Knowledge Management – Pristine 19
  20. 20. FRM Exam : Question Pattern Analysis 100% 90% 80% 70% 60% 50% 40% 30% 20% 10% 0% k k s s k t is s s si t el is en en ct Ri R ly od R du m em a t it ed M ke An d e o re ag ag Pr at ar k ve s C r an M an Ri & eg ti M ts M ita d t In an ke t k nt en is l& ar n ua R tm io M a of Q at on es al u s ci ti v al on In ra an V i pe at & n Fi nd O k is u R Fo Not Formula Based Formula Based 50% of the questions are purely formula based questions© Neev Knowledge Management – Pristine 20
  21. 21. FRM Exam : Question Pattern Analysis • Most common question – Calculating the portfolio VaR requires the calculation of portfolio volatility, for which we have the simple formula: VaR(Portfolio)= wa^2*σa^2 + wb^2*σb^2 + 2*wa*wb*σa*σb*Corelation(a,b) • Similarly another common formula is calculating the annual VaR from daily VaR (or changing the time duration of VaR) or calculating the significance intervals. These again use simple formulas: VaR (for time period T) = VaR(Daily) * Sqrt(T) • VaR (Significance Part alpha) = Z (Alpha) * Sigma • Similarly Questions on Quantitative Analysis, which are formula based, are based on EWMA, GARCH formulas, which are quite simple to calculate, if you know the formula and can apply it in the question. • Typical formulas would be: Return = ln(P(t)/P(t-1)) (Sigma(n))^2 = lambda * (Sigma(n-1))^2 + (1 – lambda) * U(n-1)^2 • Similarly the formula based questions from the rest of the parts are not very difficult. If you are able to remember them and apply them in the FRM Exam, rest assured, your chances of success would be very high.© Neev Knowledge Management – Pristine 21
  22. 22. Agenda • About Pristine • FRM and PRM Exams • Resources • Overall Exam Analysis • Analysis of Quantitative Analysis • Analysis of Market Products • FAQs • Contact Us • Pristine FRM Offering© Neev Knowledge Management – Pristine 22
  23. 23. FRM Exam Question Pattern Analysis: Quant • If we broadly divide the syllabus, it would consist of: – Probability (Including Counting Principles and Joint Prob. Etc.) – Probability Distributions – Moments (Mean, Variance, Skewness, Kurtosis) – Sampling Theorem – Hypothesis Testing – Correlation and Regression (And its Hypothesis testing) – Volatility (Variance as a random variable) – Monte Carlo Simulation If you take a look at it, the syllabus is HUGE!© Neev Knowledge Management – Pristine 23
  24. 24. FRM Exam Question Pattern Analysis: Quant • If we were to see the pattern for FRM Exam 2009, we find that more than 50% of the syllabus is covered by non-quant and stats topics. These are essentially Estimating Volatility and Monte Carlo Simulations. I will take them one by one: • Estimating Volatility: Return = ln(P(t)/P(t-1)) • EWMA: (Sigma(n))^2 = lambda * (Sigma(n-1))^2 + (1 – lambda) * U(n-1)^2 • GARCH: (Sigma(n))^2 = alpha * V(L) + Beta* (Sigma(n-1))^2 + Gamma * U(n-1)^2 Where, alpha + beta + gamma = 1 Another variant, alpha * V(L) = omega • Monte Carlo is again simple! There is hardly any scope of a numerical question from simulation • Correlation Regression: Again here, one of the easiest questions would be to find the %age variance explained by your regression line. This is simple R^2, and the easiest thing to calculate: – SST = SSR + SSE – R^2 = SSR/SST – SEE = (SSE/(n-2) )^1/2© Neev Knowledge Management – Pristine 24
  25. 25. FRM Exam Question Pattern Analysis: Quant • The other kind of question can be based upon finding the significance of regression parameters. Again this is simple – Look at the p-value in the table given, and find the parameters that are significant. This is ONE question, you should not miss!! • Portfolio Variance: Again questions (Usually multiple) from this concept have been coming in the examination for the last so many years. Again something that you should not miss!! VaR(Portfolio)= wa^2*σa^2 + wb^2*σb^2 + 2*wa*wb*σa*σb*Corelation(a,b) • Probability Distributions: Usually there is either a question on Normal Distribution, where you have to identify the area and find the probability value or you are given a binomial distribution, and you have to find the chances of none-of the bonds defaulting!! If you have practiced well, you can get these questions right!!© Neev Knowledge Management – Pristine 25
  26. 26. Agenda • About Pristine • FRM and PRM Exams • Resources • Overall Exam Analysis • Analysis of Quantitative Analysis • Analysis of Market Products • FAQs • Contact Us • Pristine FRM Offering© Neev Knowledge Management – Pristine 26
  27. 27. FRM Exam Question Pattern Analysis: Market Products • The broad classification of topics covered in Financial Markets and Products is: – Financial Markets (Primarily defining the role of various players) – Futures and forwards (Definitions, Valuation and Hedging) – Interest Rate and Currency (Some part is included here, – Fixed Income Instruments (Again part is covered in Valuation and Risk Models) – Swaps – Options (Again trading strategy is included here, some part is in Valuation and Risk Models) – Commodities If you take a look at it, the syllabus is HUGE!© Neev Knowledge Management – Pristine 27
  28. 28. FRM Exam Question Pattern Analysis: Market Products • If we look closely at the last 3-4 years Sample papers, there are practically 2-3 questions from each of the topics! So it is difficult to single out any topic, which is important!! Anyways.. lets analyze it closely and give it a shot • By default, remember to use continuous compounding, unless otherwise mentioned!! For example, if you want to calculate returns, then use – R = Ln(P(t)/P(t-1)) • If it is expressly mentioned that you have to use discrete compounding, then only use: – R = {P(t) – P(t-1)}/P(t-1) • Similarly to value futures/ other instruments, use: – F(0,T) = S(0)*e^(rT) + C • There are normally atleast two questions on converting rates based on different compounding frequencies. It is one of the low hanging fruits as far as this section is concerned. • Please learn the usage of the calculator. You should be a master in usage of calculator, to make sure that you crack the exam.© Neev Knowledge Management – Pristine 28
  29. 29. FRM Exam Question Pattern Analysis: Market Products • If we look closely at the last 2-3 years sample papers, the question that is always there relates to finding duration and modified duration. Normally not a tough question and just a couple of formulae to remember:© Neev Knowledge Management – Pristine 29
  30. 30. FRM Exam Question Pattern Analysis: Market Products • FRM 2009 sample exam has a lot of questions on trading strategies. • Can just draw curves of payoffs, and remember the various payoffs like – Straddle, – Strangle, – Butterfly spreads, etc. • you would have done 5 questions correct! • Remember the Payoffs of – Long Call, – Short Call, – Long Put, – Short Put, – Long Spot, – Short Spot and similarly for futures. • Apart from the above topics, there have been questions on Greeks. • Delta Hedging of portfolio has been one of the favorites of the examiners because of its simplicity of calculation and the concept checks on the understanding of the examinee about various aspects of Options Pricing. For delta hedging, Number of shares = (Number of calls) x (New delta – Old delta) • Apart from this there is generally a question on relationship between delta of options and Black- Scholes model.© Neev Knowledge Management – Pristine 30
  31. 31. Agenda • About Pristine • FRM and PRM Exams • Resources • Overall Exam Analysis • Analysis of Quantitative Analysis • Analysis of Market Products • FAQs • Contact Us • Pristine FRM Offering© Neev Knowledge Management – Pristine 31
  32. 32. FAQs • Will there be separate Study Guides for the FRM Exam Full and FRM Exam Part I and FRM Exam Part II? No, there will only be one Study Guide which will include the syllabus outline and recommended reading materials for all FRM Exam formats (Full, Part I and Part II). • Will there be separate Course Packs for the FRM Exam Full, FRM Exam Part I and FRM Exam Part II? Yes. The Course Packs will be customized according to the FRM Exam format and be made available for purchase either in physical format or through the GARP Digital Library. • How many hours of study are required to prepare for the FRM exams? Approximately 150 to 200 hours for each Part of the exam. Since the last FRM Exam Full covers both Parts, approximately 300 to 400 hours of preparation would be required. • Is there any change to the format of the FRM Exam Full that would make it different from past FRM Exams? No, the FRM Exam Full will be offered in exactly the same way as past FRM exams.© Neev Knowledge Management – Pristine 32
  33. 33. FAQs • What topics will be covered in the FRM Exam Part I and the FRM Exam Part II? – The FRM Exam Part I will cover the following topics: – Foundations of Risk Management – Quantitative Analysis – Financial Markets and Products – Risk Modeling • The FRM Exam Part II will cover the following topics: – Market risk measurement and management – Credit risk measurement and management – Operational and integrated risk measurement and management – Risk management and investment management – Current issues in financial markets • How many questions will there be on FRM Exam Part I and FRM Exam Part II? • FRM Exam Part I will have 100 multiple-choice questions. FRM Exam Part II will have 80 multiple- choice questions. The exact number of questions is subject to minimal change. • How long are the test sessions for FRM Exam Part I and FRM Exam Part II? • Both Parts will be 4 hours in length and broken down as follows: 2 hours for the morning session and 2 hours for the afternoon session with a 90 minute break in between.© Neev Knowledge Management – Pristine 33
  34. 34. FAQs • Are there review courses I can take or study groups I can join? • GARP does not offer FRM preparation courses as the Association considers this to be a conflict of interest. GARP also does not endorse any FRM review course or FRM course provider. However, as a service to our FRM candidates GARP does provide a listing of FRM course providers on its website. These Course Providers have asked to have their information posted for your review and have not been preselected by GARP. • GARP also facilitates the finding and development of local FRM study groups via its website. Click here to see and post information about local study groups.© Neev Knowledge Management – Pristine 34
  35. 35. Agenda • About Pristine • FRM and PRM Exams • Resources • Overall Exam Analysis • Analysis of Quantitative Analysis • Analysis of Market Products • FAQs • Contact Us • Pristine FRM Offering© Neev Knowledge Management – Pristine 35
  36. 36. Offering for FRM Part I Preparation • FRM Part I Preparation – FRM Certified Faculty from IIT/IIM’s with significant experience – Training Offering • 10 days of Comprehensive Classroom Trainings for all the subjects. • 3 days revision classes FRM Practice papers (2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010) will be discussed and the important concepts of all the subjects will be revised again • 2 days - Mock Tests specially designed by our trainers based on AIMS 2010, to evaluate your relative performance vis-à-vis other candidates • 20 hrs of Online Tests ( topic wise) - 1000 + questions • Free online classes for students who register for classroom trainings – Material • Free Pristine FRM Handbook and Visulaized FRM Charts to all the FRM Training Participants • Online access to all the presentations and practice tests – Training timings: Saturday 2pm to 7.30pm ; Sunday 10am to 3.30pm – Training Fees: USD 495 per participant (Extra USD100 for Recordings and personal doubt clearing session) • Visualize FRM – Comprehensive Charts covering major concepts, formulas and questions • Pristine FRM Exam Instructor Notes – Summarized handbook (~300 pages), covering all the learning objectives given by GARP© Neev Knowledge Management – Pristine 36
  37. 37. Quantitative Analysis Measures of Central Prob. & Prob. Random tendency Variance Standard Error (SE) Hypothesis Correlation & Regression distribution variables Testing D B C A Mean: ∑xi/n SE (σx) of the sample mean is σ of the dist. of sample means Binomial Random Variable •Known pop. Var. σx= σ/ √(n) E(X)=n*p Mode:-Value that occurs more •Unknown pop. var sx= s/ √(n) Var(X)=n*p*(1-p)=n*p*q frequently Median:-Midpoint of data arranged Standardized RV is normalized in ascending order Q. 25 observation are taken mean = 0, σ = 1. from a sample of unknown variance. Sample mean of 70 Q. At a particular time, the market and σ = 60. You wish to conduct Z-score: # of σ a given value of assets of the firm is $100 Mn a two - tailed test of null observation is from population and the market value of debt is $80 hypothesis that the mean is mean. Mn. The standard deviation of assets is equal to 50. What is most Z=(x-µ)/σ $ 10 Mn. What is the distance to appropriate test statistic? default? Ans. Standard Error of mean Ans. z = (A-K)/ σA (σx) = σ/ √(n) = (100-80)/10 = 60/sqrt(25) = 12 =2 Degrees of freedom = 24 Use T statistic = (x - μ)/ σx = (70 - 50)/12 = 1.67 C Simple linear Regression Coefficient of Correlation Coefficient regression coefficient Determination(R2) (CC) %age of total var. in Y explained by X -1 < CC < 1 R2 =( SSR / SST )=1-( SSE / SST) if CC = 0, X & Y are uncorrelated LR model: Yi=b0+b1Xi+Ei Appropriate Test structure: rx,y=cov(x,y)/σxσy=√R2 Yi = Dependent variable estimated value of H0:b1=0; Ha:b1≠0 =explained variation/total variation Yi, given value of Xi Test: tb1=(b^1-b1)/sb^1 Xi = independent variable Decision Rule: b0 =intercept term; represents reject H0 if t>+t critical or if t< -tcritical Y if X =0 b1 = slope coefficient; measures change in Y for 1 unit change in X b^1=cov (X,Y)/ σ2(X)© Neev Knowledge Management – Pristine 37
  38. 38. © Neev Knowledge Management – Pristine 38
  39. 39. Online platform for enhanced learning experience • All the courses materials are uploaded on website and available 24*7 online for reference • Chapter wise quiz to monitor your performance and gauge the Part of preparation by the students • Interactive forums for doubt clearing and exchanging the ideas for preparation • News forums to provide most updated news on websites. • Feedback mechanism, which enables us to provide you real time solutions for your needs© Neev Knowledge Management – Pristine 39
  40. 40. Trained professionals from various institutions© Neev Knowledge Management – Pristine 40
  41. 41. Content management introduces discipline in learning Neev provides solution for content management and scheduling© Neev Knowledge Management – Pristine 41
  42. 42. Practice Questions Neev provides solution for instantaneous feedback and collective learning opportunity for students© Neev Knowledge Management – Pristine 42
  43. 43. Pristine’s teaching methodology and faculty has got rave reviews from the students of previous batches The coaching classes conducted by Pristine It was a great experience to attend the FRM Classes Careers for FRM 2007 have helped me immensely organized by Pristine Career .Most of the concept which one in passing FRM 2007 exam. The classes were has to understand to clear the FRM Exam were explained in simple, lively and conducted by practicing the best way and doubts were clarified. Pristine Careers finance professionals. Open discussions was very helpful in clearing the FRM Exam for a candidate helped in understanding and remembering many like me who had Zero experience of Credit and Market Risk. of the concepts. I would recommend all the prospective FRM Candidates and to all Risk Management Student to attend the classes Mr Mohan Rao, Senior Manager of a leading organized by Pristine Careers. Public Sector Bank. Ujjwal Jain, Deputy Manager Treasury Mid-Office, Investment Bank I am glad to see that I passed all the four PRM exams at the same sitting. The exams are fairly tough and contain just the right mix of quantitative and theoretical questions. Thanks to Pristine, I knew beforehand what kind of questions to expect in actual PRM and how to approach the questions. I owe my success to valuable question bank provided by Pristine. Girish Khare, December 2010© Neev Knowledge Management – Pristine 43
  44. 44. Agenda • About Pristine • FRM and PRM Exams • Resources • Overall Exam Analysis • Analysis of Quantitative Analysis • Analysis of Market Products • FAQs • Pristine FRM Offering • Contact Us© Neev Knowledge Management – Pristine 44
  45. 45. For Registration or Query Sarita (Online classes) : +91 9560102806 Karuna (for Mumbai) : 8080005533 Sanjay ( for other cities) : 9560214422Pristine Questions