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2009 E Learning09 Sydney Streamfolio V4


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The fourth version of our #elarning09 presentation at the Menzies Hotel on December 6/7

Published in: Education, Technology
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2009 E Learning09 Sydney Streamfolio V4

  1. 2. Alexander Hayes Operations Manager
  2. 3. streamfolio : the concept
  3. 4. share broadcast edit convert export transmit upload tag download search delete embed my folio
  4. 5. authentic transportable interoperable accessible mobile intuitive collaborative affordable my folio
  5. 6. streamfolio : the challenge
  6. 7. access formats conversion time cost ease quality bandwidth support examples recognition compliance my folio
  7. 8. security privacy copyright management authentication validation relevance storage audit risk recognition compliance my folio
  8. 9. streamfolio : the future
  9. 10. lean dependable viral optimised collaborative immersive engaging flexible dynamic identified rich lifelong my folio
  10. 11. collaborative my folio immediate automatic independent promotional identifiable attributable present
  11. 12. collaborative dependable viral optimised secure immersive interoperable flexible dynamic mobile rich lifelong my folio