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Open Pitch Deck - Escorebu


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Designed by me for Escorebu.

"We decided to open our pitch deck to help anyone who needs angel investment. Besides our pitch deck, you can access our code for Slackmetrics - Feel free to contact us!

Escorebu is s corporate text mining company and responsible for Slackmetrics - "

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Open Pitch Deck - Escorebu

  1. 1. A Corporate Text Mining Company
  2. 2. Give companies insights through analysis over corporate messaging COMPANY PURPOSE
  3. 3. Slack is wonderful, but we end up with a lot of messages (really a lot!) Slack has become a platform with hundreds of thousands of integrations Informal messages is hard to analyze problem
  4. 4. Process natural language to tokenize and interpret the data Present insights that matter with meaningful visualizations Understand how integrations are used solution In any language
  5. 5. Insights for Slack teams Go to demo User: / Pass: Welcome@92015
  6. 6. Analytics from Slack for paid users COMPETITION Open-source Project Slackalytics
  7. 7. Why now Slack is becoming a platform widely adopted People don’t have problem to give access to APIs (i.e. Zapier) No well known insights for corporate message product
  8. 8. Market size thousands teams60+ millions of messages300+
  9. 9. GROWTH STRATEGY Focus on Slack’s open communities Hire an US PR firmUse slack bot to propagate in slack channels Use promoted tweets (strongest slack media)
  10. 10. REVENUE MODEL Pay for Insights (leave only positiveness open) Pay for Integrations (emails, hipchat, customer services etc.)
  11. 11. TEAM Éfrem Maranhão Filho Product Manager Phd. in Business 5+ year in startup environment Mailson Santos Filho Data Engineer MSc. in Computer Science 7+ years in Analytics’ world Márcio Marques Data Scientist MSc. in Physics 7+ years in Data Science
  12. 12. FINANCIALS TARGET - Raise US$ for team expansion and US promotion Until now - Raised ~US$XXX,XXX