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Moving Beyond Google Forms for Assessment - CUE Annual 2016


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Edulastic is an easy way to create online assessments that work seamlessly with Google Classroom. Many more question types than Google Forms, like drag-and-drop and graphing, as well as automatic grading.

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Moving Beyond Google Forms for Assessment - CUE Annual 2016

  1. 1. Moving Beyond Google Forms for Assessment
  2. 2. Benefits of online assessment •  More engaging for students •  Quicker identification of misconceptions for teachers and students •  Automatically summarized quantitative data •  More frequent assessments
  3. 3. Using Google Forms for assessment Pros •  Easy to set up •  Can add multimedia •  You already have it and it’s free Cons •  Just 6 question types •  Doesn’t grade easily
  4. 4. Google Forms Example Available question types –  Short answer –  Paragraph –  Multiple Choice –  Checkboxes –  Dropdown –  Scale/Grid Start Quiz
  5. 5. Why try Edulastic instead of Google Forms?
  6. 6. Using Edulastic for assessment •  Auto grades in real-time without plug-ins •  Tracks standard mastery over time •  Customizable, pre-built questions •  30+ question types
  7. 7. Comparing Question Types Google Form Type Edulastic Type Multiple Choice Multiple Choice Checkbox Multiple Select Short Answer Text entry / Numeric / Expression Evaluator Paragraph Essay Multiple Choice Grid Matching Tables Dropdown Text Dropdown Drag & Drop, Label an Image, Matching Graphing, Numberline, Line Plot, Fractions Highlight Text, Passage, Resequence
  8. 8. Let’s create the same assessment In Edulastic
  9. 9. Syncing with Google Classroom Create your roster Share assignments Single sign on
  10. 10. Sync Your Roster
  11. 11. Enter your class code
  12. 12. Share an Assignment 1.  Assign an assessment in Edulastic
  13. 13. Share an Assignment 2. Share it with Google Classroom
  14. 14. Share an Assignment
  15. 15. Share an Assignment
  16. 16. Single Sign On for Students
  17. 17. Questions?