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Manhattanville ePortfolio 2010


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Manhattanville ePortfolio 2010

  1. 1. The concept was good, but the vehicle had become outmoded… Manhattanville has had a long history of portfolio-based education… but we needed a new “envelope” with which to engage 21st century learners.
  2. 2. For Manhattanville, the question was: Why add the “e” to Portfolio?  Amplifies existing portfolio pedagogy  Students live in the 21st century digital culture  Supports development of academic identity and presentation  Enhances opportunities for creative expression  Lends itself to peer review and collaboration  Has multimedia capabilities  Allows for greater connectivity and integration across curriculum  Encourages lifelong and lifewide learning opportunities  Facilitates programmatic and institutional assessment  Is portable and accessible  Fosters Technology Competency
  3. 3. A Good Plan = Success! Spring 2010 – Vendor presentations – Communications with Faculty and Committees • Digication was selected as our eP platform
  4. 4. A Good Plan = Success! Fall 2010: • eP platform implementation • Begin faculty development for eP (focus on Education and FYP) using Teaching and Learning Circles (TLCs). This includes: – ePortfolio pedagogy – ePortfolio design & construction – Course planning and template building with ePortfolio • Begin ePortfolio Intern training • Continue attendance at Making Connections seminar for design and development of full scale implementation and evaluation plan and instruments – LaGCC visit to Mville campus • Develop curriculum for “Intro to ePortfolio” Workshops to cultivate knowledge and interest in eP
  5. 5. Teaching and Learning Circles (TLCs) were formed, with fourteen faculty members in the first cohort; each TLC, led by two eP team members, met for four 90 minute sessions. We discussed pedagogy and built our first ePortfolios.
  6. 6. Participants in the TLCs created a variety of ePortfolios—personal, course and program, including for the Pre-med Committee, the Castle Scholars Honors Program and the doctoral program in Educational Leadership.
  7. 7. One faculty member created a site for use with student teachers.
  8. 8. In the last session of the TLCs, faculty participants showed how they plan to use ePortfolio in a course during the coming semester and received feedback and ideas from other group members.
  9. 9. We also trained our first group of eTerns, who participated in the TLC activities. One, Joe Horton (at right), had his ePortfolio selected for presentation in the Making Connections Student Showcase.
  10. 10. Despite the loss of several key staff members in our IT department, including our Instructional Technologist, we were able to carry on and meet our goals with support from Making Connections, AAEEBL participation and “tenacity.” There were hiccups….
  11. 11. The visit by the team from Making Connections generated a lot of excitement among campus leaders in areas such as First-Year Program, General Education, the Academic Policy Committee and the Board on Academic Standards. ….and lots of support!
  12. 12. The results…  planned implementation of ePs in FYP in the Fall of 2011  on-going faculty development in ePortfolio and the use of ePs in assessment  successful application for the Connect to Learning grant!