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Company profile eh hotel consultancy

  1. 1. EH Hotel Consultancy<br />
  2. 2. Experience<br /><ul><li>Founder Eduard Hoogeweegen, takes pride in a lifelong (over 35 years) Hotel Experience
  3. 3. Held the position of Hotel/ Resort General Manager for more than 11 years in Indonesia (Bali), Philippines and Burma
  4. 4. Came to Asia for the first time in 1988 to take up the position as F&B Director of the Century Park Sheraton in Manila
  5. 5. He is a former President of the Hotel & Restaurant Association of the Philippines</li></ul>He was part of a Hotel Opening team twice: At the 1,004 room Hua Ting Sheraton Hotel in Shanghai (RP China) And at the 360 room Harare Sheraton in Zimbabwe<br />Held the position of Food and Beverage Director for more than 7 years, amongst them Award winning Hotels/ Resorts<br />He held the position of Banquet Manager for more than 6 years in Europe and in Southern Africa<br />He started his career with Hilton International in Rotterdam (his place of birth), as a "Management Trainee”<br />Places Hoogeweegen worked: <br />Nusa Dua Beach Hotel, Bali, Indonesia<br />
  6. 6. At Your Service…<br /><ul><li>EH Hotel Consultancy offers the following services:
  7. 7. Recruitment and Training;
  8. 8. Human Resources Programs, implementation and training;
  9. 9. Opening of Hotels and Resorts, including Feasibility Study, Business Plan (Mission Statement, Marketing- & Financial Plan, Capex and Manning Guide);</li></ul>Food and Beverage concepts, implementation and training;<br />Marketing and Sales of Hotels and Resorts<br />Places Hoogeweegen worked<br />Cascades Hotel, Sun City, Southern Africa<br />
  10. 10. Recruitment and Training<br />As an independent Consultant Recruiter, Iwould be able to function as “Your Man in the Philippines”;<br />It is increasingly more difficult to find the right R&F candidates. Governments are (rightfully) very strict, also in view of the human trafficking danger;<br />Due to strict rules and regulations, Principals are not allowed to work with more than 2 Recruitment Agencies, thus restricting the choices of getting best candidates;<br />Agencies are competing with each other and the market is pretty much dried-up, with good candidates getting picky;<br />I have the contacts not only in Manila, but all over the country to assist you, plus as a seasoned hotelier, I understand your needs better, moreover I do live here on the spot, in the Philippines;<br />I can personally conduct the interviews for the pre-selection.<br />To abide by the local Laws however, I shall channel all candidates through a duly licensed Recruitment Agency.<br />Places Hoogeweegen worked:<br />Dusit Inya Lake Resort, Yangon, Myanmar<br />
  11. 11. Human Resources Programs<br />For a long time ”Human Resources” (or HR) has been responsible for the people management of an organization’s most valuable resource, its people;<br />EH Hotel Consultancy can introduce, train and implement a new look at Human Resources through an “Employee, Culture & Development” program;<br />Based on the following principals:<br />Employees: “the Companies most valuable resources”. It all starts with proper recruitment;<br />Culture: carrying“the Company’s- , Hotel’s- and Country’s Culture through the entire organization<br />Development: recognize top performers with potential and develop them within the Hotel, the Company<br />A Passion to Serve: a special training program to get the entire hotel staff, from GM to Dishwasher on one passion.<br />Places Hoogeweegen worked:<br />Puri Kamandalu Resort, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia<br />
  12. 12. Opening Hotels and Resorts<br />For Owners, new to the Hotel Industry and hesitant to engage with a Hotel Management Company, EH Hotel Consultancy can help out;<br />Services include:<br />A Feasibility Study;<br />Conceptualizing of the Hotel and F&B Outlets;<br />A Business Plan, including a Executive Summary, Mission Statement, Comprehensive Marketing Plan, Financial Plan, Manning Guide and Capital Expenditure Acquisitions;<br />Pre-opening FF&E, Operating Equipment and Capex Purchases;<br />Recruitment and training of employees;<br />A full set of Standard Operating Policies & ProceduresMarketing & Sales and more…<br />Places Hoogeweegen worked:<br />Sheraton Century Park Hotel, Manila, Philippines <br />
  13. 13. Food & Beverage Concepts<br />For Owners, interested to engage in the Restaurant business EH Hotel Consultancy can assist offering following services:<br />Conceptualizing the outlet (Restaurant)<br />A Feasibility Study<br /> A Business Plan, including a Marketing Plan, Financial Plan, Manning Guide and Capital Expenditure Acquisitions;<br />Pre-opening FF&E, Operating Equipment and Capex Purchases;<br />Recruitment and training of employees;Marketing & Sales and more…<br />Places Hoogeweegen worked:<br />Hua Ting Sheraton Hotel, Shanghai<br />
  14. 14. Marketing & Sales<br />For Hotels, Resorts and Restaurants directly operated by Owners, EH Hotel Consultancy can offer the following services:<br />Preparing a detailed Marketing Plan, including expenses;<br />Market Segmentation and Rate Structure and Strategies Plan;<br />A Public Relations Action Plan;<br />Representation at Travel Trade Shows;<br />Conduct sales calls and sales trips on behalf of the Owner and more…<br />Places Hoogeweegen worked:<br />Hotel Equatorial Penang, Malaysia<br />
  15. 15. Contact Details<br />For further information, please contact us:<br />E-mail:<br />Mobile phone: 0063 905 304 1555<br />Website:<br />LinkedIn Public Profile:<br />Places Hoogeweegen worked:<br />Dakak Park Beach Resort, Dipolog, Philippines<br />