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Hands-On at ISEP DEI | 18th of Feb 2017


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Hands-On at ISEP DEI |18th of Feb 2017 about Continuous Improvement and Advantages.

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Hands-On at ISEP DEI | 18th of Feb 2017

  1. 1. Hands-On Continuous Improvement and Advantages (Scrum/Kanban/Scrumban) by Eduardo Ribeiro V 2.0
  2. 2. @edu_f_ribeiro
  3. 3. Company Z • Company Z is struggling to satisfy their customers. • Their teams are delivering with quality still they deliver at a low pace making them miss the deliveries dates (Target Dates). • The bigger issue is that due to this Company Z is losing costumers trust what is affecting their stocks in the stock market.
  4. 4. Closer look • Product it’s constantly changing and pushing their new requests to the teams. • Sometimes there are implementations that are not accordantly with what was requested. • Every work item must pass through different teams (Different Skills). • Deployment is made when the team finish the full request. • Teams are unable to forecast when a new request can be implemented and deployed. • Due to the constant delay, teams change size often to respond to the bad planning. • As we speak there is allot of tension between everyone creating each day more noise and bad behaviors.
  5. 5. My way • Establish KPI’s to have data as starting point. • After analyzing the data, observe how the teams are working and identify issues/improvement points. • Share my discoveries with the teams and top management. • Coach Top Management to reorganize the teams (Cross- Functional Teams). • Coach and mentor the new teams including embedding the Continuous Improvement principles and values. • Observe how the teams are now working and identify issues/improvement points. • Work with the teams to review all the data and help them to generate and follow the actions to improve. • Help the teams to identify tools to help them to continuously improve. • Keep observing how the teams working/improving. • Do some follow-up sessions.