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EduExam System is easy to use, full-featured and flexible Testing, Examination and Assessment tool. This software launched by Arth Infosoft

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Online examination software eduexam

  1. 1. Online Examination Software A Product by Arth InfoSoft Pvt. Ltd. Copyright©2005-2012 Arth Infosoft Pvt Ltd
  2. 2.  eduExam is a Web Based Custom Online Examination Management system Software is designed to specifically cater GUJCET Examination Easy to use for Administrators, Faculties and Students Online examinations can be conducted at any time EduExam maintaining records, score cards, student details, question papers and so on is very easily managed by the system. Being an integrated online system it will reduce the paper work Mail notification to the student about the detailed description of the tests, their result and various other information Useful for school, college, university, teachers and professors for managing question papers and examinations. Recruiting agencies, companies can use it for candidates skills evaluation by conducting online test.
  3. 3. Features Customize user management with Module wise right allocation Examinations that require logic testing of students Bulk Upload Facility to Generate more than one User Accounts at a Time Document and Video upload for Study as subject Categories and topic Sub-Categories Bulk Question Upload with their answer choice and correct option Auto Generated Question Paper and Manual Generation of Question Paper Facility Option for Practice Exam and Final Exam generation Exam Generation in terms of Levels as Easy/Hard/Medium Online Survey facility after Exam Various Performance analysis reports Students and instructors get instant results via-mail. Results can also be printed as soon as the test finishes.
  4. 4. Useful TO Education Institutes Easy to manage students Details Class/Subject wise exam allocation On the spot result with evaluation reports No limitations for scheduling exams Coaching Classes Computable to all type of competitive exams Study material upload facility as documents and videos Easy to manage multiple Question Banks Create own Brand Name with own Question Banks
  5. 5.  Corporate Utilize for Recruitment Process like Interview Test Helpful for Customer feedback process Very efficient for Employee satisfaction system Efficient MIS reports Government Exams Computable to all type of competitive Exams Easy to upload Questions Banks Very simple Exam generation and allocation process On the spot Result available
  6. 6. System Secure online sign on and access control Add, Delete and update User Information User can get results as soon as test completes Faculty can also add Questions in to the database Result Analysis in graphical form available to the power user Analysis will be very easy as it is automated system The student then answer and submit papers and is automatically evaluated. Can be used anywhere and anytime as it is web based application
  7. 7. Administrator Aspect Taking back up of the database. Editing/Deleting/Creating the database. Changing password. Logging into the system. Accept registration of the students. Creating a test. Posting question in the above test. Posting multiple option to the respective question. Marking correct answer within the given option. Time limit of question if any. Set negative marks for wrong answer Recruiting agencies, companies can use it for candidates skills evaluation by conducting online test. Online Survey facility after Exam
  8. 8. Student Aspect Request Registration. Logging in to the system. Edit user information. Selecting the test. Appearing for the test. Print the result at the end of the exam Multiple choice questions Questions can be anything from plain text to still pictures and videos, tables, embedded objects and even Adobe Flash animations
  9. 9. Data Security The answering process begin with the student logging in and selecting the paper which he authorized to answer. The time of the starting and completion of the exam can be recorded at the server. Only teachers have authority to change any data. The proposed system is very secure and no chance of paper leakage as it is dependent on administrator only Students mark and any details are secured by this software. Admin can Now manage their question papers very easily and securely with password protection.
  10. 10. Candidate loginAdmin Login Enter the School PinEnter the username no, Username andand Password and it Password and it willwill lead you to lead the candidates toadmin functionalities Exam section
  11. 11. Admin can create Useraccounts, Candidate Accountbackup database from here
  12. 12. Here is the screen whereyou can add the adminusers
  13. 13. Admin can enter all the MasterData from here, which is helpfulfor candidate registration andexam creation . Document andVideo can also be upload fromhere for references in the Exams
  14. 14. Admin can create questionbank with Image and videofrom here. You can alsoPrint the Question paper
  15. 15. Admin can create exam andallocate to candidate from here.He can also verify the exam thatis created from here
  16. 16. Admin can view result reports fromhere. There are various type ofreports which includes some chartreports, analytical reports etc.representing the result of candidate
  17. 17. Admin can view other reportslike exam created, questionbank details, exam wisequestions allocated etc. here
  18. 18. When the candidate logs in, herehe can view all the exams which hehas been assigned and clicking onthe exam he can start the exam. Candidate can also view all the exams which he had already appeared and clicking on it he can view the result he had scored in it.
  19. 19. Candidate can also createthe exam and appear for itby himself for practice.
  20. 20. Clicking on start examination,candidate can start the exam
  21. 21. This is theexamination screen
  22. 22. After Finishing the exam,the candidates can viewthe result here.
  23. 23.  Option for Practice Exam With this software, you can view and edit students grades/marks and produce beautiful report cards, honor rolls, and transcripts customized with the logo and/or watermarks of your school. Graphical & numerical presentation of result analysis and printouts. You can create multiple-choice, fill-in-the-blank, matching, short answer and true and false questions all on the same test. Exam Generation in terms of Levels as Easy/Hard/Medium
  24. 24. Company Introduction Arth InfoSoft Pvt. Ltd. is an India based software development and consulting company ISO 9001:2008 certified company Main objective is to provide various IT - services & solutions with quality, in time and in cost effective way Providing various services like Website Design and Development, Customize Software Development, Software Testing Service, Product Development, Infrastructure Support and Content Writing / Presentation More then 500 clients World Wide India market leader in offering fully integrated software development, design, software testing and instant support.
  25. 25. For More Details Contact Arth InfoSoft Pvt. Ltd.C/201, 2nd Floor, Shivam Complex,Bhuyangdev Cross Roads,Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.Pincode : 380061 Phone No : 079 - 40095990 Mobile : +91 9879310901 +91 9727735599