Jammie Dodgers<br />‘Get Stuck In’ Campaign<br />By Emma Duddridge<br />
Welcome Back<br /><ul><li>First ad in four years
£4.5 million investment in rebranding
Reigniting Consumer spend
Gaining market dominance
Aimed to innovatively engage with                  </li></ul>   Customers<br />
Get stuck In…<br /><ul><li>Introduces 2 new flavours     within the Dodger range
Nostalgic Child’s Biscuit
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  • Hello, today I am going to be critiquing the new “Get Stuck In” campaign from Jammie Dodgers, by addressing your questions in relation to the campaign.
  • This is a welcome back to Jammie Dodgers advertising after a four year break, in which the marketing world has changed dramatically. The transition to digital communication has been established, where companies are seen in a more relational sense than before.It has become key factor for organisations to be both successful on TV as well as online. This has seen Jammie Dodgers investing £4.5million into a major rebranding campaign to reignite consumer spend and communication.As well as gaining market dominance within the highly branded biscuit market. This convergence of online communication has seen the rise in organisations striving to innovatively engage with their customers. So understanding buyer behaviour is vital before initialising a campaign like this.
  • This is the new television advert featuring the Jammie and Toffee Dodger Monkeys…
  • Get Stuck In…The campaign is aimed at cross selling the Dodgers brand by introducing two new flavours to the range, toffee and double chocolate. The Dodgers brand prides itself as the nostalgic child&apos;s biscuit, targeting itself at families. This means both targeting communication at both the buyer (i.e. the parent) and the end consumer (i.e. a child). As well as reconnecting relationships with existing Jammie dodger consumers.
  • The campaign has already been seen as a major hit online via social networking sites. The dodger monkeys YouTube channel already had over 750,000 hits after only three weeks. With over 9,000 sharing the link on Facebook, where fan sites for the monkey lovers have already been created. Also there have been countless tweets and blog posts over the new campaign. These characteristics have been seen though-out other successful viral campaigns. The company has also created a secret toffee monkey competition site where customers are in of a chance of winning lunchboxes and other goodies.
  • Another element of the marketing mix that would be used to increase the impact of the campaign, would be Place.Making sure they provide the maximum availability of new products to customers.This may be by extending shelf-space of the Dodger products within store.Or by creating introductory offers to entice customers.This campaign from Dodgers will see a massive increase in both production and distribution of their products. In which the company must ensure that they can meet demand.
  • So why Dodgers?The innovative and creative nature of the advert I found really appealing from its fun and simplistic appeal which makes it original and stand-out from other advertisements. This campaign is aimed at increasing brand awareness and therefore increasing sales across the product line. This has produced a successful ‘buzz’ within the marketing campaign, where many consumers and non-consumers are discussing the brand amongst themselvesSo does this mean the Dodger monkeys are the new compare the meerkat or coca-colasanta?From being within such a heavily branded segment, being at the front of consumers minds is vital.
  • In Summary…Interaction between you and Consumers is evermore importantKeep your message simpleCreativity makes you memorableSuccess online is vital in todays market
  • So what’s your flavour? Are there any questions?Chosen?Innovative + creativeFun + Stands-outOriginal + Simplistic2. Targeted?Buyer + ConsumerMother + ChildNostalgic element3. Message?New flavoursReminding of original product4. Successful?Formed a discussion‘buzz’ marketing5. Change?- Adding a lunch-able multi-pack to also introduce new flavours6. Info / Data?Market changeAdvertising changeBuying behaviour7. Marketing mix?Availability + Shelf SpaceOffersIncrease in production + distribution
  • Emma duddridge sky 2

    1. 1. Jammie Dodgers<br />‘Get Stuck In’ Campaign<br />By Emma Duddridge<br />
    2. 2. Welcome Back<br /><ul><li>First ad in four years
    3. 3. £4.5 million investment in rebranding
    4. 4. Reigniting Consumer spend
    5. 5. Gaining market dominance
    6. 6. Aimed to innovatively engage with </li></ul> Customers<br />
    7. 7.
    8. 8. Get stuck In…<br /><ul><li>Introduces 2 new flavours within the Dodger range
    9. 9. Nostalgic Child’s Biscuit
    10. 10. Targeted at:
    11. 11. The Buyer
    12. 12. The Consumer
    13. 13. Previous Jammie Dodger Customers</li></li></ul><li>Monkey Phenomenon?<br /><ul><li>Already hugely successful online via:
    14. 14. YouTube
    15. 15. Facebook
    16. 16. Other Social Media
    17. 17. Characteristics seen </li></ul> in other viral successes<br /><ul><li>Secret competition site to win dodger monkey related prizes</li></li></ul><li>Marketing Mix Impact<br /><ul><li>Provide maximum availability to Customers
    18. 18. Increase shelf-space in-store, due to product line growth
    19. 19. Create introductory offers
    20. 20. Massive increase in production & distribution output </li></li></ul><li>Why Dodgers?<br /><ul><li>Builds Brand Awareness & Sales
    21. 21. Effective ‘Buzz’ Marketing
    22. 22. The next PG Monkey, Compare the Meerkat or Coca-Cola Santa?
    23. 23. Heavily branded segment of the market
    24. 24. Where being at the </li></ul> front of the<br /> Consumers’ <br /> mind is vital<br />
    25. 25. In Summary…<br /><ul><li>Interaction between you and Consumers is ever more important
    26. 26. Keep your message simple
    27. 27. Creativity makes you memorable
    28. 28. Success online is vital in today’s market
    29. 29. All of which Jammie Dodgers have executed effectively </li></li></ul><li>so, what’s your flavour?<br />Any Questions?<br />