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  • PBS TeacherLine's high quality, standards-based graduate-level courses offer teachers the professional development opportunities they need in an accessible online format that makes learning fun, flexible and collaborative. You can earn graduate credit, PDPs, or CEUs while gaining strategies and resources to bring directly to your classroom.Classroom 2.0 is a free, community-supported network.  ISTE webinars offer just-in-time PD that you can participate in live with a group, or on your own at a time that's convenient for you. 
  • http://iteachsocialstudies.ning.com/forum/topics/us-geography
  • TeacherShare – try to search science and then refine the search criteria.
  • Question: can you use facebook to built your PLN?
  • Week 11 part1

    2. 2. PLN: WHAT IS A PLN?• PLN is either a personal/professional learning network• Function of a PLN Connect Collaborate o Allows learners to take control of and manage their own learning o Set your own learning goals Contribute o Manage learning o Manage both content and the process o Communicate with others in the process of learning EDUC W200 Week 11
    3. 3. EDUCATOR’S USE OF PLNS• Learn from content-area specialists• Locate free resources for your classroom• Websites | software | grants• Lesson plan ideas from master teachers• Learn about new technology and how to integrate it into your teaching• Find collaborative solutions• Find interesting links to education news EDUC W200 Week 11
    4. 4. INSTANCES OF PLNS• Professional/Personal Learning Network• Casts (Podcasts, Screencasts, Vidcasts)• Social Networks• Blogs, Microblogging, and Aggregator EDUC W200 Week 11
    5. 5. REGIONAL PLN FOR EDUCATOREXAMPLE NY• In March of 2010, TEDxNYED was held in NY to examine the role of new media and technology in shaping the future of education.• In addition to viewing the archived TEDxNYED talks, educators are now connecting through media such as: • TEDxs YouTube Channel. • TEDxNYED Reflections wiki • Facebook fan page • Follow TEDxNYED on Twitter EDUC W200 Week 11
    6. 6. INSTANCES OF PLN: VIDCASTS• K12 online conference• SchoolTube• Various Webinars o Elluminate o PBS Teachers Online o Classroom 2.0 o ISTE Webinars EDUC W200 Week 11
    7. 7. INSTANCES OF PLN: NING RESOURCES • Art Education • Science Ed o http://arted20.ning.com/ o http://inspire-teachers.ning.com/ • World Language • Social Studies o http://edupln.ning.com/group/lan o http://iteachsocialstudies.ning.co guagelearners m/ • Math Education • Elementary o http://edupln.ning.com/group/mat o http://edupln.ning.com/group/ele hteachers mentaryeducators • Special Ed o http://elementaryteachersnetwork .ning.com/ o http://tech-in-sped.ning.com/ EDUC W200 Week 11
    8. 8. INSTANCES OF PLN: MORE RESOURCESo http://community.discoveryeducation.com/o http://www.google.com/educators/index.htmlo http://us.partnersinlearningnetwork.com/Pages/default.aspxo http://www.pbs.org/teachers/ EDUC W200 Week 11
    9. 9. HOW TO GROW YOUR LEARNING NETWORKS• View education feeds • Blogs o http://education.alltop.com/ – Find a teacher who blogs in your subject area and follow him/her• Education related groups – School Related Blogs o Global Education • Claudia Ceraso’s Network o Classroom 2.0 – With over 400 fellow educators o Library 2.0 Ceraso’s Delicious is a one-stop for an educator in any grade level in any• Attend K-12 conference subject area o K-12 Online Conference • Diigo• Set-up an aggregator • Cool tools from educators o iGoogle • Podcasts o Google Reader • iTunes K-12 o Netvibes • Webinars o Feedly U-Stream Weblogg-ed TV EDUC W200 Week 11
    10. 10. HOW TO GROW YOUR LEARNING NETWORKS –EDUCATION COMMUNITY• TeacherShare o Connect with other teachers as you share lesson plans online• Teachers Connecting o This allows you to collaborate with other educators around the globe for project-based activities• PBS Teachers o Includes discussion boards, resource sharing, professional development and communication with other teachers EDUC W200 Week 11
    11. 11. A PLN IS NOT JUST LIMITED TO THIS• You can also use: o iGoogle (and RSS – more on that next) o Facebook, Grouply, etc (social networking) o Twitter (microblogging)• Any place people meet and ideas or resources are shared has the potential to become a PLN• It is not about the tool – it is about the purpose EDUC W200 Week 11