Week 10 lecture2


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  • Teachers' responsibilities and tools that can enhance productivity
  • Teachers' responsibilities and tools that can enhance productivity
  • Acrobat K12 Education Solutions: Learn how Adobe assists educational institutions to integrate technology, teach 21st century skills, and prepare students for future careers. (2:41 video) Evernote: find things like a webpage, a captured image. Evernote organizes them for you for fast search. ReadWriteThink (a good example would be the interactive story map to help the students to write their own fiction.) Discovery: free resources for educators (e.g. lesson plans, worksheets)
  • Teachers' responsibilities and tools that can enhance productivity
  • Tied into istep scores. (your instructors oncourse) Open the URL to the document Find the link to the group site Password of the ‘superintendent of the school corp” Get reports on students (no classes) Log in as different people different levels.
  • Week 10 lecture2

    1. 1. Teacher Productivity ToolsEDUC W200 Week 10
    2. 2. Tools for learning• Teaching resources: o Technology resources for teachers: Internet4Classroom o Technology director workshop resources: • kathyschrock.net • Teacher helper o General teaching resources: • Education World • Teachers.net• Technology skills development • Lynda.com EDUC W200 Week 10
    3. 3. Classroom Management tools• Interactive classroom o Smart Sync (demo)• Student response technology o Turning technologies (Lesson example) o Clickers• Student response+Collaboration o INTERWRITEMOBI EDUC W200 Week 10
    4. 4. Tools for Administrative responsibilities• Work productivity (Adobe) o Acrobat o Evernote• Templates to reduce workload o ReadWriteThink o Microsoft Office Templates o Education World o Discovery o Scholastic• Meeting productivity o Presenter (from 6:30) EDUC W200 Week 10
    5. 5. Productivity tasks – your experiencesGet back into your groups from Week 8 Ex: http://whitingw200.wikispaces.com/•Look at the tools that you learned about in your groups.•How many of the communication tools, if any, would you say arealso production tools?•Can these tools be used to support learning, classroommanagement, or administrative tasks?•Share in your groups and write the tools in your group’s assignedsection of the board EDUC W200 Week 10
    6. 6. Learning management systems• What makes something a Learning Management System?• Examples: o Blackboard o Oncourse o Moodle • Introduction video • Demo site o Learning Connection • Introduction video EDUC W200 Week 10
    7. 7. DEMO: DATA DRIVEN DECISION MAKING IN ALEARNING MANAGEMENT SYSTEM1. This will be a quick demo of the Learning Connection. We will see this again in a couple weeks.2. We will demonstrate key parts of the site (10 min)3. Together as a class look at some example accountsTeachers can Make data-driven decision making by exploring the Learning Connection SandboxYou will pretend to be a: Teacher; Administrator; Parent; or Student and discuss as a class. EDUC W200 Week 10