Sp13 week1-part3


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Sp13 week1-part3

  2. 2. Syllabus• Let’s review the syllabus! o http://www.indiana.edu/~educw200/syllabus/syllabus.html EDUC W200 Week 1
  3. 3. Syllabus• Information for Different Lab Sections & Times (W200 Website)• Grade Distribution (W200 Website)• Grading Policies – No late submissions – Attendance taken every week – Let me know as early as possible if you have an excused absence • Excused absences listed on W200 Website • Documentation required EDUC W200 Week 1
  4. 4. Syllabus• Grading Breakdown • Class-prep Activities – 150 Points (15%) • Technology Integration Practice – 150 Points (15%) • Digital Story – 100 Points (10%) • Case Analysis & Case Artifacts – 300 Points (30%) • Teacher Website Final – 150 Points (15%) • E-Portfolio Final – 100 Points (10%) • E-Portfolio Presentation – 20 Points (2%) • Participation – 30 Points (3%) • TOTAL: 1000 Points EDUC W200 Week 1
  5. 5. Syllabus• Finals Week • Plan your plane tickets, other travel plans, and so forth after the final day! • You need to be in school & attend • We will be giving presentations DURING CLASSTIME that week • Final Day & Time: XXXXXXXXXX • Any questions about the Syllabus? EDUC W200 Week 1
  6. 6. W200 Website & Oncourse• W200 Website – Brief introduction of all pages• Oncourse – Brief introduction of all links EDUC W200 Week 1
  7. 7. Major Projects• Digital Story • Will be covered today• Case Analyses & Case Artifacts• Teacher Website & E-Portfolio • Two important projects of this class • Think of these as projects that show off your cumulative knowledge in this class • Outline of these websites will be created today EDUC W200 Week 1
  8. 8. Weekly Expectations• Due Date: By XXXXXX, X pm• Class Prep (10 Points Each) – Must be completed before class by … (When?) – Where to locate? – Attend class or miss points (1/2 points)• Technology Integration Practice – 10 Points Each (Exception: No TIP week 5; TIP #6 – 20 points) – No email submission – No points for absence EDUC W200 Week 1
  9. 9. What Happens if I Miss Class?• Missing Class – Excused: Flu, Doctor’s note, Religious holiday, etc with proper documentation • Must be discussed in advanced or NO Technology Integration Practicepoints. • Find another instructor on the website, email them, CC me. – Unexcused: Go through the presentation slides, office hours, TTL. No Technology Integration Practicepoints. – Half points for Class Prep• Attending Other Labs (Excused Absence) – MUST be discussed in advance via email. – Find a good section for you to attend.– 5 or more absences will lead to at most a grade of “C-” EDUC W200 Week 1
  10. 10. Where Can I Find Help?• Source #1: Read carefully through our W200 website and PowerPoint Presentations• Source #2: Teaching Technology Lab (TTL)• Source #3: Search Google, Youtube, etc. for tutorials• Source #4: Email me (XXXXXX@indiana.edu) EDUC W200 Week 1
  11. 11. General Expectations• Classes will last the entire time• Plan at least 3~6 hours of work outside of class each week for your assignments• Professional - punctual and responsible• Respect each other – future teachers• Participation points (30 points) • Attendance, class participation (discussions), effort, and improvement• Any questions on the expectations? EDUC W200 Week 1
  12. 12. Communication Expectations (Poor)To: xxx (xxx@xxx)From: xxxxxx@yahoo.comSubject: (no subject)Ok u said u had a copy of the digital story just not finalized and u said u wouldgive me half credit for that...u never said u would give me half credit if I gave umy finalized one...u understood because my computer that had the finalizedcopy crashed and I have since replaced it...there was no way for me to send uanother copy without doing it over so I assumed u were going to keep true gour word and give me half credit for the copy u received...and I know u havecopy because I emailed it to you around the time they were doSent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry EDUC W200 Week 1
  13. 13. Communication Expectations (Good)To: xxx (xxx@xxx)From: janedoe@indiana.eduSubject: Question Regarding Digital Story - 12477– Jane DoeDear Mr/Mrs xxx,After our discussion on Tuesday, I went back to my room and could not remember how tofinalize my digital story and upload it to YouTube. I looked over the W200 website and checkyour emails sent through OnCourse, but I still couldn’t figure out how to do this. Can yousend me a link to a tutorial? Also, can we meet to discuss my digital story topic? I have classduring your office hours. Thank you!Sincerely,Jane Doe (janedoe@indiana.edu)Lecture Section 12480 EDUC W200 Week 1
  14. 14. Classroom Expectations• Late comers• Active Participation• No Text Messaging + Facebook• Do we all agree on these expectations? Any objections? EDUC W200 Week 1
  15. 15. Teaching Technology Lab (TTL)• Teaching Technology Lab (TTL) • Get technology integration help (for w200 or any other education course) • Potential workshops and additional learning opportunities • Where instructors hold their office hours• All of the information about the TTL is listed on the Syllabus. • Hours • Location • Phone Numbers EDUC W200 Week 1
  16. 16. Follow our ULA to TTL (ED2010)! TTL Field tripEDUC W200 Week 1