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Part5 icw12


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Part5 icw12

  1. 1. Creating Learning Connection Public Profile ICW #12EDUC W200 Week
  2. 2. In-Class Workout #12:Learning Connection• Indiana Department of Education – Learning Connections•• Log in to your Learning Connection account (this was set up during week 1) EDUC W200 Week
  3. 3. Learning Connection Activities• Profile Update o Add short Biography (copy and paste from Teacher Website) o Add Educational Background (High School and Indiana University) o Add Position (desired future teaching position)• Join Learning Community o Search “w200” and join “W200 Spring2012” o Download PPT from Files & Bookmarks and save to desktop. EDUC W200 Week
  4. 4. Learning Connection Activities• Create a Class o Enter Class Name (ex. Biology I) and class information.• Student Activity o Add new Student Activity >>Library >>My Student Activities >>Upload PPT• Manage Calendar o Add New Event (ex. Test/Assignment) o Add Student Activity >>Add Student Activity >>Class Student Activities EDUC W200 Week
  5. 5. Learning Connection Activities• Lesson Plan o Search Resources for Lesson Plan >>Library >>Find Resources >>Published/Shared Resources o Schedule Lesson to Class >>Schedule Lesson >>Choose Class/Date Range >>Save• Upload File o Upload PPT to your Files & Bookmarks >>Library >>My Files & Bookmarks >>Upload PPT EDUC W200 Week
  6. 6. ICW #12 Submission• Post it to your ePortfolio > Professional Development page!• Outline of the Post: o Title: My Learning Connection Profile (Link to o Screenshot: Take Screen Capture of your Public Profile o Description: – Introduce learning connection – Describe how it can be used by a teacher – Discuss different features that you used today• Submit the link of your E-Portfolio-Professional Development page to Oncourse-Assignments-ICW#12 EDUC W200 Week